The Theatre Arts Major

To major in Theatre Arts, you must complete the following:

48 total credit hours in Theatre Arts.

36 of these credit hours from required Theatre Arts courses, which include:

THAR 1191 Theatre Practicum
THAR 1321 Beginning Acting
THAR 1380 Introduction to Theatre
THAR 2192 Theatre Practicum
THAR 1322 Intermediate Acting
THAR 2193 Theatre Practicum
THAR 2360 Introduction to Technical Production
THAR 2361 Introduction to Theatre Design
THAR 2380 Play Analysis
THAR 3194* Advanced Theatre Practicum
THAR 3195* Advanced Theatre Practicum
THAR 3381 Development of Drama & Theatre I
THAR 3382 Development of Drama & Theatre II
THAR 4196* Advanced Theatre Practicum
THAR 4331 Fundamentals of Directing
THAR 4333 Senior Studio

*Students may elect to repeat THAR 2193 as an alternate to these courses

12 of these credit hours (9 of which must be upper division) from Elective Theatre Arts courses, which include:


THAR 2324 Stage Movement
THAR 2325 Voice and Speech Studies
THAR 3323 Acting in Verse
THAR 3324 Selected Topics in Performance
THAR 3325 Advanced Acting
THAR 3304 Children’s Theatre
THAR 4303 Creative Dramatics


THAR 3341 Costume Design
THAR 3344 Costume Construction
THAR 3362 Scene Design
THAR 3363 Lighting Design
THAR 4342 Costume History

General Studies

THAR 1320 Acting in Everyday Life
THAR 4301 Creativity in the Arts
THAR 3302 Creative Development in Theatre II
THAR 4393 Reading and Research in Theatre
THAR 4399 Playwriting

Note: Theatre Arts majors are not required to have a minor at the present time. If you wish to pursue a minor, and we encourage Theatre Arts majors to do so, you typically must take another 12-18 hours in the minor area. Because different minors have different course hour requirements, Theatre Arts majors should consult the pertinent University Bulletin and with their advisor in Theatre Arts.