Degree Requirements

Students are subject to all UIW's admission standards. The B.A. in Pastoral Ministry requires 121 credit hours for graduation: 43 hours in the UIW Core Curriculum; 39 credit hours of foundational core courses in the major, including philosophy, theology, and biblical studies; plus 39 credit hours in a concentration chosen from Philosophy, Catholic Leadership, or Catechesis. Students will also complete 45 clock hours of community service.

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Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the BA degree in Pastoral Ministry, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a solid foundation in Catholic biblical and theological studies, including the sacramental, liturgical, moral, ecclesiological and pastoral dimensions
  2. Articulate a multidisciplinary breadth of knowledge in liberal arts studies, including Catholic cultural studies
  3. Situate the Roman Catholic tradition within the broader cultural context in which they live
  4. Demonstrate language proficiency in both English and Spanish at a level appropriate for effective communication in ministry and for graduate studies
  5. Exhibit the leadership skills and intercultural competencies necessary for pastoral ministry in culturally diverse settings