Brass, Strings, Winds, Percussion

The prospective student will perform two selections from the standard repertoire in contrasting styles (i.e., etude selections, movements of a solo sonata or concerto).

Audition pieces: Solos from the Texas UIL Grade 1 list or the current year’s All-State etudes are recommended. A third selection in jazz style may be played.

Major and minor (harmonic, melodic, natural) two-octave scales may be requested by the audition panel. Scales must be played from memory.


Two selections from the classical repertoire in contrasting styles (for example, early Italian arias such as Sebben Crudele, Schubert’s Heidenröslein, Copland’s Simple Gifts, or similar). Pieces must be performed from memory.

Sheet music must be provided for selections requiring piano accompaniment. 


Two pieces from different style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th-/21st-century. Pieces must be played from memory. The faculty may request major and minor (harmonic, melodic, natural) scales and arpeggios (two octaves, both hands, steady tempo, played from memory) and that the applicant sight-read a simple excerpt from the standard pedagogical piano repertoire.