Requirements for the Minor in Music

Students wishing to minor in music must fulfill the requirements listed below.

A. 18 credit hours of musicianship courses

2 credit hours of freshman seminar:
MUSI 1110 Freshman Seminar (two semesters)

10 credit hours of music theory/aural skills/keyboard skills
MUSI 1191 Aural Skills I and MUSI 1192 Aural Skills II
MUSI 1321 Music Theory I and MUSI 1322 Music Theory II
MUSI 1111 Keyboard Skills I and MUSI 1121 Keyboard Skills II

3 credit hours of music history (choose one course from)
MUSI 3347 Survey/Appreciation of Opera
MUSI 3348 Studies in World Music
MUSI 3349 Women in Music
MUSI 3350 American Popular Music
MUSI 3351 Music in Asian Theatre

3 credit hours of any upper level MUSI course (MUSI 3xxx or MUSI 4xxx)

B. 6 credit hours of applied music

2 credit hours of principal instrument

(MUAP 1154 and 1155), or Voice (MUAP 1176 and 1177)

4 credit hours of major ensembles:

  • Chorale (MUEN 1131), Orchestra (MUEN 1181), Marching Cardinals (Fall, MUEN 1140) , Wind Ensemble (Spring, MUEN 1185)
  • Students in Voice lessons should be in Chorale (MUEN 1131) both Fall and Spring
  • Students in String lessons should be in Orchestra (MUEN 1185) both Fall and Spring
  • Students in Guitar and Piano lessons should be Chorale (MUEN 1131) both Fall and Spring
  • Students in Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion lessons should be in Marching Band(MUEN 1140, Fall) and Wind Ensemble (MUEN 1185, Spring)&

Prerequisites: Students who, at the time of their entrance audition, are deemed unprepared for freshman-level MUAP lessons or MUSI courses may be placed in one or more the following courses: MUAP 1144, MUSI 1311, MUSI 1381, MUSI 1100, MUSI 1300.
These courses are prerequisites to the pursuit of a music degree at UIW and are not counted as part of the degree or as free electives.

Audition Requirements and Dates