Minor in a Modern Language


The offerings in modern languages develop language proficiency and cultural awareness through collaborative classes where effective communication is the primary goal. Advanced courses in languages from other countries contribute to knowledge about that area as well as the history and structure of the their language and literature. These courses allow students to read and respond in writing to another language, since all advanced courses are taught in the language using authentic texts. The advanced topics course is designed to support study abroad in languages not usually taught at the advanced level at the University of the Incarnate Word.

The requirements for a Minor in a Modern Language are 12 hours of courses above the 1000-level in a single modern language, including at least 6 hours at the upper division level. Advanced level courses may be taken at UIW, at another U.S. university, or abroad. An advanced topics course will be utilized to award credit for coursework taken elsewhere or offered at UIW as an independent study.

Required Courses: 12 hours
  • 1311  Elementary Modern Language
  • 1312  Elementary Modern Language II
  • 2311  Intermediate Modern Language I
  • 2312  Intermediate Modern Language II

Advanced Courses in the Modern Language:  6 hours


Course Descriptions

1311/1312 Elementary Modern Language I/II
These courses introduce students to the fundamentals of a modern language with emphasis on developing listening comprehension and speaking skills. They include activities for developing abilities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Three class hours. Individual laboratory. Prerequisite: 1311 is required before students may enroll in 1312. (1311 Fall, 1312 Spring)

2311/2312 Intermediate Modern Language I/II
These courses provide increased practice in oral communication, with emphasis on discussion and writing about cultural and literary readings. They include a review of grammar and usage. Three class hours. Individual laboratory. Prerequisites: Elementary Modern Language 1311and 1312 or equivalent; 2312 requires 2311, or the equivalent proficiency, as determined by the instructor. (2311 Fall, 2312 Spring)

4XXX Topics in Advanced Modern Languages
This course offers advanced study in a modern language, including grammar, composition, linguistics, culture, or literature. It is available with variable credits and may be repeated for credit when topics vary. Prerequisites: Six hours of intermediate study in the same modern language or consent of the instructor. Credits vary according to the topic selection. (As required)

For information concerning placement in language courses, possible credit by examination, and cooperative arrangements with other universities, students may contact the Modern Languages Chair.