Careers in Spanish

As business, government, and non-governmental agencies expand their interests into the global network, English serves as a lingua franca for this expansion, but true communication and cultural understanding require that U.S. participants also learn other languages. Increasingly, language ability in Spanish is a desired or required skill for jobs in international enterprises. In the U.S., the Latino population is the fastest growing segment, and this is especially true for Texas. Along with population growth has come a rise in concern for Spanish as a heritage language. Spanish-language media and advertising have increased, providing more demand for educated writers and speakers of the language. Spanish is needed also in the area of social services, in hospitals, and in the courts. High school Spanish teachers and bilingual teachers for the lower grades are actively recruited.

Where our alumni are working and studying:

  • Teaching at the elementary and high school level
  • Translating in immigration, religious mission, and medical fields
  • Broadcasting television news in Spanish
  • Studying in medical school, graduate school, and law school