Political Economy

(NOTE: No longer offered)

Program Description

The Political Economy Concentration develops theoretical and empirical understanding of the connections between economics and politics. Students majoring in Government gain an appreciation of the role of economic forces in politics; students majoring in Economics learn how politics influence economic behavior.

Career Opportunities

Students choosing a concentration in Political Economy will be especially well prepared for graduate study in economics, government, or business, and for both academic and nonacademic careers in policy analysis, business administration, law, government relations, and other fields.


Dr. Scott Dittloff, Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University): Caribbean Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Literature and Politics, Politics and culture, and Human Rights.

Requirements for a concentration in Political Economy (30 semester hours)

A. 18 semester hours of required hours in economics:

ECON 2301 – Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 2302 – Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 3325 – Econometrics

ECON 3340 – Public Finance

ECON 4310 – International Economics

ECON 4350 – Economic Development of Latin America

B. 6 semester hours required in Government:

GOVT 1315 – American Politics

GOVT 2320 – International Relations

C. 6 elective hours in Government from the following courses:

GOVT 2375 – International Organizations

GOVT 4321 – United States Foreign Policy

GOVT 4322 – National Security Policy

GOVT 4323 – Politics of Coffee and Sugar

GOVT 4363 – Political Globalization

GOVT 4365 – Political Economy