The Mission of Women and Gender Studies at UIW is to provide students with ways to make their own voices heard as well as recognizing those groups which have often been silenced. We are an interdisciplinary program that draws on courses in English, Philosophy, Psychology, and electives across campus that allow students to design their own program.

What is Women and Gender Studies (WGS)?

Women and Gender Studies examines all aspects of femininity, masculinity, sexuality, and LGBT studies. Many people think it is limited to feminism when it is about that and so much more!

To become a WGS Minor, students must complete the following academic requirements and attend 3 WGS-related events.

The program regularly offers/sponsors Speakers, Film Viewings, Athletic Nights, and a WGS Fair - Come see what we're about!

Degree Plan: (18 credit hours)

  1. Required Courses

    (9 Credit Hours)
    • ENGL 2340 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (May be taken concurrently with ENGL 2310)
    • PHIL 3395 Feminist Philosophy
    • PSYC 3355 Psychology of Women
  2. Electives

    (9 Credit Hours)
    Student may select from a variety of courses such as:
    • Women Writers
    • Women in Business
    • Women in Media
    • Behavioral Endocrinology
    • Human Rights

    Each semester new and exciting courses are developed to meet the needs of our students and create dialogue about contemporary issues.

For more information, please contact Dr. Emily Clark at