We offer the following degree sequence (four-year degree plan) to assist students and advisors. Following this sequence increases the likelihood of completing this degree in four years' time. Dropping courses, retaking classes or registering for less than a full course load will delay graduation, so always consult your academic advisor before deviating from this suggested sequence. Students may enroll in a course only if they have met all prerequisites for that course. Check the UIW Bulletin for details.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (four-year degree plan)

Students also have the option to complete their degree in 3 years.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice three-year degree plan.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (36 credit hours)

24 credit hours of required courses:

  • CRJU 1311 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • CRJU 2392 Introduction to the U.S. Legal System (cross-list with POLS) (3)
  • CRJU 3322 Criminology (cross-list with SOCI) (3)
  • CRJU 3330 Law Enforcement in America (3)
  • CRJU 3340 Corrections (3)
  • CRJU 3381 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (cross-list with SOCI) (3)
  • CRJU 3384 Research Methods in Criminal Justice (3)
  • CRJU 4301 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)

12 credit hours from the following courses:

  • CRJU 3323 Issues in Contemporary Criminal Justice (cross-list with SOCI) (3)
  • CRJU 3341 Community Corrections (3)
  • CRJU 3342 Correctional Casework and Counseling (3)
  • CRJU 3345 Sociology of the Death Penalty (cross-list with SOCI) (3)
  • CRJU 3350 Juvenile Justice (3)
  • CRJU 3360 Ethics in Criminal Justice (3)
  • CRJU 3365 Media and Crime (3)
  • CRJU 3370 Texas Criminal Justice System (3)
  • PHIL 3385 Justice: Tradition and Transformation (3)
  • CRJU 3390 Internship in Criminal Justice (3)
  • POLS 4316 Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (3)

A minor in any other discipline: Suggested minors include Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Computer Information Systems, or Management.

Requirements for a Minor in Criminal Justice

12 semester hours (6 upper-division) in CRJU