Full-time Faculty


Lopita Nath, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair

Professor and Chair, Asian Studies Program

Office: AD 357
Courses: Asian Studies
Email: nath@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 832-2187

Scott Dittloff Headshot

Dr. Scott Dittlof

Courses: Government and International Affairs

Office: AD 380
Email: dittloff@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 829-2713

Emily Clark Headshot

Dr. Emily Clark

Associate Professor

Office: AD 359
Courses: English
Email: ejclark@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-5061


Dr. Mary Beth Swofford


Courses: English
E-mail: swofford@uiwtx.edu 
Phone: (210) 829-3807

Kevin Salfen Headshot

Dr. Kevin Salfen

Assistant Professor

Office: FA Studio 7
Courses: Asian Music
E-mail: salfen@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 829-3849


Dr. Sara Jackson

Associate Professor

Office: GB 105
Courses: International Business
E-mail: jacksons@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210)283-5001


Part-time Faculty

Michael Gyori

Asian Philosophy

E-mail: mgyori@student.uiwtx.edu

Rolla Alaydi

Lecturer of Arabic/Department of Modern Languages

Teaches Elementary Arabic I and II and Intermediate Arabic I and II courses

E-mail: ralaydi@student.uiwtx.edu

Chihiro Legris

Lecturer of Japanese/Department of Modern Languages
Teaches Elementary Japanese I and II courses

E-mail: legris@uiwtx.edu

Dr. Deukhee Gong

Lecturer of Korean/Department of Modern Languages
Teaches Elementary Korean I and II courses

E-mail: dgong@uiwtx.edu