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Our UIW spring calendar will remain unchanged, with most classes beginning as scheduled on Monday, January 11.

The Blue Ribbon task force – which includes faculty, deans and a student government representative – developed this plan for Spring 2021 classes with student and faculty safety as the most important consideration and while recognizing the value of learning in-person when feasible. We continue to remind the community that we will remain vigilant in monitoring our regional health risks and make adjustments to the Spring 2021 plan as needed. We are counting on our UIW community to do their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Courses and Class Structure

Instructional Methods

Here are the basic elements of our plan for fall, as long as regional health conditions allow:

  • Lecture courses will run online for the entire term, for all programs.
    • Instructors will be using a variety of techniques to encourage strong student engagement. Some classes will be conducted online to have a specified time to meet via Zoom (synchronous), and others will not (asynchronous). This will be decided by faculty based on the content and expectations of the class content.
    • UIW will continue to monitor regional health conditions weekly, and if improvements allow us to move forward safely, we will be ready to gradually add layers of optional in-person instruction to supplement the online learning. If conditions allow these steps, faculty and students will be given adequate advance notice to prepare a smooth transition.

Safety Shield with UIW Logo
  • Courses that require hands-on learning will run in-person with safety precautions in adherence with CDC suggestions.
    • Classes that will run in-person are likely to include: 
      • Music performance
      • Science and performance labs
      • Studios
      • Practicum
      • Special technology
      • Fashion
      • Interior Design
      • Theatre
      • Fine Arts
      • Nursing Skills labs
      • Nutrition labs
      • Health Professions labs and practicum
  • Health Profession Schools will teach their didactic (lecture) courses online.
    • Deans will continue to monitor clinical situations across San Antonio and throughout Texas to confirm that students and professional residents can complete their clinical placements.
  • For F-1 international students, program faculty and deans will explore options to offer enough in-person sessions to meet visa requirements. UIW certifying officials are reviewing program requirements to clarify and authorize the minimum number of online courses required for students to make normal progress.

Finding Your Instructional Method

The published class schedule has been updated to indicate in-person and remote-learning sections, noting whether the online sections will be synchronous or asynchronous.

  • When browsing the class schedule, click on the class link. Each course's "Class Details" tab will include a field for "Instructional Method." Designated instructional methods are defined as follows:
    • “Face-to-Face Same Location” – In-person course delivery; Designated class meeting time [See schedule for meeting day(s)/time(s)]
    • “Fully Dist. Ed. Crse., Async” – All online course delivery; No designated class meeting time [No meeting day(s)/time(s) on schedule]
    • “Fully Dist. Ed. Crse., Sync” – All online course delivery; Designated class meeting time [See schedule for meeting day(s)/time(s)]
    • “Hybrid/Blended Course; Async” – Partial in-person + partial online course delivery; No online designated class meeting time [See schedule for in-person meeting day(s)/time(s)]
    • “Hybrid/Blended Crse.; Synch” – Partial in-person + partial online course delivery; Online designated class meeting time [See schedule for in-person/online meeting day(s)/time(s)]

How to access and understand your adjusted spring schedule.

Classroom Environment

UIW is committed to a clean learning environment that adheres to all CDC guidelines for social distancing.
  • Classroom desks and tables have been rearranged to be six feet apart.
  • There is hand sanitizer in each classroom
  • Students and faculty will be required to wear appropriate masks and/or the instructor will be required to remain behind a plexiglass barrier if not wearing a mask.
  • All faculty and students are required to use provided supplies to sanitize their work areas before and after each class.
  • Each classroom will be appropriately sanitized daily.
  • In the event that a student or faculty member tests positive for COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, UIW has detailed plans to be able to isolate a classroom and do the necessary deep cleaning before the classroom is available for use again.

Field Work/Outside Internships

The Dreeben School of Education currently anticipates Spring 2021 clinical teachers will be placed on partnership campuses. At this time, UIW clinical teachers will adhere to the requirements and expectations of teachers at the campus to which they are assigned. UIW clinical teachers will be informed of these details.

Health professions students will be expected to participate in their clinical experiences as scheduled and permitted by the clinical sites. Students in at-risk populations or with other concerns about returning to campus should contact their school contact for clinical education.

Computer and Internet Requirements

UIW students must ensure they have access to a personal computer to participate in UIW’s online curriculum.  UIW supports student use of Microsoft Windows-based personal computers as well as Apple Macintosh computers.  Due to the unique demands of the curriculum, UIW does not recommend Google Chromebooks or relying on mobile devices such as smartphones.

The following guidelines are minimum computer specifications required for general purpose computing and participating in online instruction.  Students should also consider their academic program as specific majors may require greater specifications to adequately run required software.

Operating System:  WINDOWS 10 or Mac OS (Mojave or later)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
RAM: 8 Gigabytes of RAM
Storage: 128 Gigabyte SOLID STATE hard drive
Camera: Built-in or add on webcamera (480p or higher resolution) with microphone

View detailed technical requirements for online learning

Students can purchase computers with the specifications above from many locations, both in stores and online. Stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Office Depot, Apple Store, and others provide a range of options. Additionally, students can purchase online from Amazon, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, and more. Of note, students receive Microsoft Office at no cost from UIW and do not need to buy their own copy.

Pharmacy, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Optometry: The unique needs of UIW’s professional schools demand unique approaches. Each school will provide their prospective students with additional details regarding required computing devices. 

UIW requires a minimum bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps for both upload and download speed. Most internet providers, even satellite and smartphones, offer basic packages that exceed this rate.

Grading Policy

The spring terms will continue normal letter grading. A designated faculty group will continue to consider all academic policies that support student success.

Attendance Policy

University attendance policy information can be found here. Students who have been exposed to COVID-19, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or who have received a positive test result should notify their instructor and not attend in-person class. Health professions students should refer to their school's specific Student Handbook for details.

Academic Calendar

  • There are no changes to Spring 2021 start dates for all programs.
  • Spring break will be held March 8 - 12. 
  • Finals week will remain as scheduled, May. 3-7.

View the full 2020-2021 academic calendar

Student Support Services

We take great pride in our faculty's commitment to the Mission, tremendous accomplishments through the Fall semester, and intense added preparations and innovations. UIW remains committed to bringing valuable support to our students whether we teach classes in-person or remotely.

  • UIW's expertise in remote learning extends for 20 years, with distance learners normally making up about a third of our U.S. enrollments.
  • Sections with remote learning will keep their section sizes. Small sections provide for more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students. Regular online office hours will ensure that students can connect with faculty to discuss assignments, clarify questions, and understand their academic progress.
  • UIW faculty are engaged in continued education on remote learning and teaching.
  • All student support services will remain remote with enhanced features that allow live check-ins. In-person appointments will be available to students upon request.
  • While we will have in-person options, we will continue to support and encourage remote access to all support offices.UIW Business Office with Safety Equipment
    • Therefore, all support offices will move from phone-in remote access to open chat or Zoom room availability for students.
    • All students are assigned to a professional advisor or a faculty advisor in their discipline to not only guide them through their degree plan but also to connect them with appropriate resources for success.
    • In addition, our First Year Engagement Office works with all first time in college (freshmen) to mentor first-year students in the transition to college.
    • The University Advising Center, the central hub for advising, will have remote access for students, as well as offer in-person appointments for students.
    • The Learning Support Center, which includes Writing and Learning Center and Tutoring Services, will offer 24-hour online tutoring options as well as Zoom peer tutoring and in-person appointments (as allowed by health standards).
    • Career Services will offer all career events remotely, including job fairs, professional development workshops and employer networking opportunities.
    • The Writing and Learning Center has put together an exciting orientation to acquaint you with the different ways they can help you with your learning needs online. Their website can be found here
    • Student Disabilities Services will continue to work as normal, but in a virtual format. Students may schedule Zoom meetings and/or face-to-face appointments with their SDS advisor.
    • Campus Engagement activities will have remote (online) access opportunities for students.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition supports many functions of the University. While the focus of how fees are used vary over time, we are currently focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of the online delivery of our academic programs. In addition, we are continuing to provide faculty and staff with the infrastructure and resources they need to provide support and programming to students in areas such as Title IX, Disability Student Services, Career Services, Tutoring, and Counseling Service, Online Library Support, and Technical Support for students. As such, student fees are used to invest in current and future infrastructure projects that support student success and engagement, and to provide the student services that will be used by our students.

Because instruction will continue and full course credit will be provided as normal, tuition has not been decreased for Spring 2021.

International Students

Students traveling from outside of the United States that are residing in dorms on the Broadway campus and/or attending classes in person at any of UIW’s locations are required to complete a 14-day self-isolation period prior to accessing campus. University officials will continue to monitor CDC recommendations for travelers entering Texas from other states or high risk areas.

All Study Abroad opportunities have been cancelled for the Spring 2021 term. Please contact Study Abroad,, to inquire about virtual opportunities.

F-1 International Students

Students currently within the United States that hold a valid F-1 visa are able to continue their studies at UIW for the Spring 2021 semester. International Affairs is closely monitoring regulations and communicating with the Blue Ribbon Task Force to ensure new and returning students abroad are able to enroll and meet visa requirements. The Spring 2021 semester will offer in-person, hybrid and online courses. For students unable to enter the U.S. or opt to stay home may participate in online coursework outside the U.S. Students may contact the International Student & Scholar Services Office,, to discuss their individual situation related to visa type, travel restrictions, visa delays, course availability, etc.

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