Cardinal Daily Health Check

Going to campus often?

Reminder: A ticket will be emailed to you after completing the Cardinal Daily Health Check. Use this email for validation.

Using the "Cardinal Daily Health Check"

To keep the Cardinal Community safe and help reduce the chance of COVID-19 spread we have implemented a new self-screening tool for the UIW community. This web-based tool called, Cardinal Daily Health Check, must be completed by all employees, students, and guests before visiting any UIW location. After a successful daily health check, users will be emailed a ticket they use to verify completion of the screening. Supervisors, faculty members, athletic staff, and others may ask to see this ticket to help our community minimize transmission risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all students, employees, and guests visiting UIW locations are required to complete the self-screening each day as the screening is valid for 20 hours from the time of submission. Taking one’s temperature is a vital part of helping prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Thermometers are now widely available in many stores and online often times for $5 or less. The UIW bookstore also has a selection of thermometers for sale. Those who regularly visit campus should plan on obtaining their own thermometer.

The Cardinal Daily Health Check is a web form that can be completed from virtually any network connected computing device. Individuals can use any computer or smartphone and send the email to another user such as their supervisor for review. Additionally, users can print out the results and bring with them if a device is not available. In extreme cases employees should discuss with their supervisor and students should reach out to Academic Support Services to consider options.

Under no circumstance should an individual who believes they are sick report to a UIW location solely for the purpose of completing the Cardinal Daily Health Check. If you have symptoms please complete the UIW COVID-19 Illness reporting form.

For employees, the primary validation will be done through their supervisor and possibly security checkpoints in locations that are staffed with them. The supervisor/checkpoint may request a visual review, a printout, or an email to review.

Students, depending on the programs they are in, could be asked to present their results before a class begins, before visiting a support office, and possibly in other program areas such as athletics. Since circumstances can vary, students should always be prepared to show their screening results.

Everyone will be asked in certain areas such as the wellness center and other sensitive locations that require extreme diligence to prevent COVID-19 spread.

If you receive the red screen that states you are NOT cleared to visit UIW, do not visit the campus under any circumstances. You should immediately fill out the UIW COVID-19 Illness reporting form. Once this form is completed a UIW representative will follow up with you on next steps.

Yes, if a submission was submitted with incorrect or incomplete information you can simply complete again with the right information.