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UIW Sports and Wellness Parking Permit Policy

Richard and Jane Cervera Wellness Center
Ann Barshop Natatorium
Brainpower Center for Fencing and International Sports 

Parking Permits are needed starting August 27th  


All parking permits must be taken to the business office to be processed, you will receive a parking permit valid through the end of your membership expiration date.

Steps to get a Parking Permit:

  1. Attach your membership receipt to your parking permit application. 
    1. The receipt attached MUST have your current expiration date on it. Please note if you use your emailed receipt you will need to click on the link in the email and print the actual receipt as it has your expiration date. If you bring a receipt without an expiration date, the business office WILL NOT process your application.
    2. The business office cannot look up your membership.
    3. The business office cannot verify your membership date over the phone with the front desk.
  2. Fill out the attached application entirely.
    1. Missing information will delay your application being processed.
  3. Take your application to the business office in the Administration Building 190 to be processed.
    1. You must not have any outstanding tickets in order to receive a parking permit.  
    2. If you qualify for an H permit, which allows you to park in an ADA Parking Space, you will need to take a copy of your State Registration or your driver’s license and your ADA placard to the business office with you.
    3. All permits will be picked up in the UIW Business Office in AD 190.

The business office will approve all parking permit applications. 

Every time the parking ermit expires it is the member’s responsibility to get a new one.

Each member is required to fill out permit form and business office vehicle information form annually starting every August.

Parking permits cannot be issued to members with outstanding parking citations/tickets

Outstanding parking citations can lead to potential suspension from Sports and Wellness Facilities

A current parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the driver (member). Lack of space is not a valid excuse for violating any parking regulation.

It is the driver (members) responsibility to notify the UIW Police Department when an emergency makes it necessary to operate a non-registered vehicle on campus. The driver (member) must obtain a temporary parking permit at the UIW Police Department kiosk located in the circle off of Burr road prior to parking the vehicle on campus.

The member is responsible for filling out the application in its entirety; failure to do so may result in the delay of the parking permit application process.

Only current paying members qualify for a parking permit via the Wellness Center, Natatorium or the Fencing Center.

If a member is enrolled or employed in any UIW or Brainpower program they are not eligible to receive a W parking permit

IWHS/STA Students paying for an educational membership are not able to get a W parking permit

ADCaP students that have paid for a membership are not eligible for a W parking permit

UIW Employees working on other campus are not eligible for a W parking permit

UIW Professional students enrolled on other campuses are not eligible for a W parking permit

All UIW and Brainpower students and employees must contact the UIW Business Office for a parking permit

It is a violation of University policy for employees and/or students to obtain a Wellness Parking Permit (W-Permit). Employee and/or Student applications will not be processed and are subject to penalty and fines. 

A handicap parking permit, or H permit, is required to park in a handicap parking space. A member must request a handicap-parking permit and attach a copy of their current vehicle registration to verify their handicap plates in order to be issued a handicap-parking permit. Handicap wellness parking permits will still only be valid for the duration of the membership.

It is the member’s responsibility to read the parking policy and regulations for the University of the Incarnate Word.

Wellness Center Members receive a “W” parking pass, this parking pass does not allow members to park in Handicap parking spaces. Please contact the Wellness Center office,

(210) 805-5873, for more information on Handicap parking permits.

View a complete list of parking rules and regulations please visit

It is a violation of University policy for employees and/or students to obtain a Wellness Parking Permit (W-Permit). Employee and/or Student applications will not be processed and are subject to penalty and fines.