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Call for Papers: Human Rights and Social Justice

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Verbum Incarnatum: An Academic Journal of Social Justice invites submissions on the special theme of “Human Rights and Social Justice.”

Verbum Incarnatum is a peer-reviewed journal published annually. We welcome articles from all disciplines presenting original ideas and critical analysis on this year’s topic of Human Rights and Social Justice.

We request articles in the range of 12-15 pages, double-spaced, with appropriate citation. The issue of social justice must be explicitly addressed. Please include an abstract of 100-200 words.

The preferred file format for e-submissions is Microsoft Word (.doc). Send submissions electronically to

Co-editors:  Philip Lampe, Ph.D., Julie Miller, Th.D., Roger C. Barnes, Ph.D. 


For additional information and questions, contact:

Dr. Benjamin C. Miele

Managing Editor, Verbum Incarnatum

University of the Incarnate Word

4301 Broadway

San Antonio, Texas 78209

telephone: 210-829-2536