1199 Activity Lab

Testing and assessment of motor skills used in individual and team sports. Recommendations for further development of proficiency in

selected skills will be made as a result of the course evaluation.

2201 Tests and Measurement

Principles of measurement, statistical concepts, and standardized tests of performance-related and health-related fitness.

3105 Principles of Health

A study of health principles and activities for children that enhance positive lifestyle.

3110 Middle School Physical Education

A view of middle school physical education students and movement programs to enhance motor performance and health-related performance.

3301 Motor and Fitness Development for Children

Motor development, physical fitness, rhythmic activities, tumbling skills, and perceptual awareness skills and their application to child development (Prerequisite: All Level Kinesiology Majors Only).

3302 Motor and Fitness Development for Pre-Adolescents

Further sequential development of motor skills, physical fitness, rhythmic activities, and tumbling skills. Prerequisite: All Level Kinesiology Majors Only.

3305 Motor Development, Fitness, and Health

An overview of the impact of motor and physical fitness development upon children from birth to pre-adolescence. Activities to enhance motor development and provide a healthy lifestyle.

3350 Theory of Movement Forms: Analysis and Construction

The interrelationship of kinematics and kinetics of motion. Physiological and psychological development of the child in relation to learning neuromuscular activities.

3371 Care and Prevention of Injuries

Basic first aid theory and skills. Techniques for the care and prevention of athletic injuries, including CPR.

3410 Motor and Fitness Development for Adolescents

Further sequential development of motor skills and physical fitness. Knowledge and skill for developing leisure and lifetime sports activities. Practical application of coaching theories including coaching techniques and officiating.

4301 Principles of Human Movement

The humanistic foundations of movement with emphasis on history and philosophy. A study of the impact of motor learning, exercise physiology and biomechanics upon human physical performance (Prerequisite PEHP 3301 or PEHP 3302 or PEHP 3410)

4333 Fundamentals of Human Performance

The theoretical study and practical application of exercise through an understanding of the metabolic and energetic process. To include topics which impact performance such as body composition, nutrition, training, environment, aging, disease, and substance abuse.

4345 Psychomotor Development: Educational Implications

Normal psychomotor development and study of the range of planned motor development and physical conditioning activities for young children and persons exhibiting delays in motor abilities.

4395 Practical Experience

(non-certification physical education)