1111 Physics Laboratory I

An introduction to university procedures, the fashion management program and an overview of the fashion industry. (Fall)

1331 Psychology of Clothing

Dimensions of individuality are explored in regard to cultural, psychological, and sociological influences on dress; the physical aspects of appearance, elements and principles of clothing design, and consumer information are addressed. May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective. (Spring)

1332 Apparel Construction I

Application of advanced construction techniques. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1432. (Spring)

1332 Apparel Construction I

Application of advanced construction techniques. This course deals with the application of advanced construction techniques and principles of patter design. Instruction will emphasize the correct use of patterns and guide sheets, sewing tools, sewing equipment, and pressing techniques. Development of couture sewing techniques will be emphasized. Fee. Pre-requites: FMGT 1332.

2341 Textiles

An introduction to textiles, providing a broad view of the production and utilization of fabrics with emphasis on application and serviceability. Provides clear differentiation among fibers, fabrics and construction techniques. Fee. (Fall)

2342 Advanced Textiles

Continuation of 2341; fibers and fabrics are studied in depth through laboratory testing. Fee. Prerequisite: FMGT 2341. (Spring)

3320 Apparel Construction III

A study in the selection, construction and care of clothing as related to human development, infant through senior adult. Prerequisites: FMGT 1122, 1432, 3331. (Spring)

3321 Fashion Illustration I

Drawing to interpret the attitude of the fashion figure through various illustration techniques in order to affect exciting visual presentation. Fee. (Fall and Spring)

3322 Fashion Illustration II

A continuation of the study and practice of techniques of illustrating fashion figures. Emphasis on portfolio presentation. Fee. (Fall and Spring)

3325 Costume History

See THAR 4342.

3328 Tailoring

Solving special problems by applying advanced techniques in tailored construction of apparel. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1332, 1322. (Fall, Spring)

3331 Pattern Engineering I

Study and application of basic principles and techniques of flat pattern development. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1332 and 1322.(Fall and Spring

3332 Pattern Engineering II

Study and application of intermediate techniques of flat pattern development in the creation of design ideas. Fee. Prerequisite: FMGT 3331. (Fall and Spring)

4229 Professional Practice/Internship

Supervised work experience in an approved, related work environment. Prerequisites: 9 hours in Fashion Design at the 3000 level and permission of instructor. (Spring)

4320 Pre-Seasonal Collections

Plan and develop a collection of garments to prepare for FMGT 4330 Seasonal Collections. Students will study the role of a designer, the basis for designing a successful garment, how to develop a line, cost garments, and manufacture a group or line of clothing. Specialty design categories such as children's wear, menswear, dresses, sportswear, designer and evening wear will be studied.

4332 CAD for Fashion Design

Training in the use of Gerber Garment Technology Computer system in pattern development and marker making. Fee. (Fall and Spring)

4388 Internship in Non-Profit Management:

see NUTR 4388

4314 Special Problems in Clothing

Individualized study of problems in fashion design techniques, including fabric selection, accessorization, and creative problem solving. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1332, 1322, 3320, 3328, and permission of instructor.

4324 Fabric Design

Graphic design emphasizing the creative and technical aspects of fabric manipulation. Fee. Elective. (Fall)

4325 Draping

Principles of apparel design through the medium of draping; application of design principles to the development of ideas for apparel. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1322, 1332, or permission of instructor. (Fall and Spring

4330 Seasonal Collections

Creative experience in the research, design, development, and execution of a collection of garments; exhibition and expansion of advanced techniques in flat pattern and draping. Fee. Prerequisites: FMGT 1322, 1332, 3321, 3322, 3331, 3332, 4325 and Senior standing, or permission of instructor. (Spring)

4331 Fashion Show Production

Experience in all aspects of fashion show production, including staging, lighting, sound, model selection, publicity, etc., in a variety of settings. Requires participation in on-campus and off campus fashion shows. Fee. Also open to Fashion Merchandising majors. (Spring)

3419 Pre-Seasonal Collections

Preparation for Seasonal Collection. Prerequisite: FMGT 1122, 1432, 2121, 3321, 3322, 3328, 3331, 3332, 4325, (Fall)