3319 Internship in Marketing

Practical experience in marketing through monitored work experience. Prerequisite: minimum 3.0 GPA; 12 hours in BMKT and permission of the instructor. (Fall, Spring)

3331 Principles of Marketing

Introductory course providing comprehensive coverage of marketing concepts and strategies. A managerial approach is used that focuses on the practices, problems and decisions of the marketing manager. May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective. (Fall, Spring)

3333 Fundamentals of Advertising

Theory and practices of advertising, including market segmentation, media management, research, testing, campaign techniques, and post-campaign evaluation. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331. May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective. (Fall, Spring)

3334 Service Marketing

Marketing concepts and strategies as they relate to the service organization; growth of the service economy; nature and characteristics of service organizations, problems and opportunities posed by these characteristics and the development of effective marketing strategies. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331. (Fall)

3335 Sales Management

Strategic planning, execution, and evaluation of the sales function within an organization. Emphasis is on territory design, performance, and evaluation. Compensation and sales force training are also analyzed. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331. (Fall)

3340 Retailing

A survey of retail institutions and their environments, resources, and markets; review of the planning, purchasing, procurement and promotion functions; discussions on fundamental structural changes in consumer purchasing patterns and their effects on retailing. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331 May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective. (Spring)

3361 International Marketing

Analysis of international markets and opportunities for the international organization and the independent business person. Emphasis is on the use of data for analyzing market potential, support services of freight and insurance, and international currency movement. Discussion of current international situations, which create market potential. Prerequisite: BINT/BMKT 3331. (Fall, Spring) Cross-listed with BINT 3361.

3377 Consumer Behavior

An overall view of the basic perspectives of consumer behavior, this course uses an interdisciplinary approach that integrates the fields of economics, education, psychology, sociology and anthropology as they relate to marketing and buyer behavior. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331. (Fall, Spring) May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective.

4375 Market Research

A study of qualitative and quantitative research procedures and techniques utilized in marketing research projects. Practical application of procedures and techniques is emphasized through class research projects in problem definition, questionnaire design and sampling techniques. Prerequisites: BMKT 3331 and BMGT 3370 . (Fall, Spring)

4380 Importing

An analysis of the importing process, sources of supply, currency implications, government regulations, and current issues affecting the importing process. Prerequisite: BINT 3331. (Spring) Cross-listed with BINT 4380.

4390 Marketing Management

Investigation of the decision-making process of the marketing manager, using the case method. Focus is on the management of the marketing function, strategy formation, execution and control. Prerequisite: BMKT 3331. (Fall, Spring)