3319/3619 Internships in Management

Practical experience in management through monitored work experience. Prerequisites: minimum GPA of 3.0 and permission of instructor. Internships can only replace elective courses, not required courses. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

3340 Management Theory and Practice

Introduction to the theories, concepts and functions of management. Topics include planning, organizing, leading, staffing, controlling, business and managerial ethics and decision-making. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

3354 Human Resource Management

Theories and concepts used in managing business personnel. Topics include: personnel planning, recruiting, selection, compensation, separation and retirement. Prerequisites: BMGT 3340 and Junior standing. (Spring, Fall)

4340 Management Skills

Course provides students with fundamental skills and insights necessary for success. Course design is based on learning through experience, and is directed toward student involvement in developing and practicing job-relevant managerial skills. The material is presented in the form of self-assessments, in-basket exercises, and skill-building exercises. Prerequisite: BMGT 3340. (Spring)

4346 Systems and Quality Management

Comprehensive study of management activities associated with entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses. Topic include analysis of opportunities, development of venture strategy and small business problem solving. Student teams may act as consultants to small businesses. Prerequisite: completion of business core and Senior standing (Fall)

4346 Systems and Quality Management

Comprehensive study of organizational processes, quality methodologies, the systems perspective and operational issues. As part of the course students will work in a team to evaluate the processes of an organization and suggest process improvements. Prerequisites: BMGT 3340 and BMDS 3370. (Spring)

4351 Seminar in Business and Society

Comprehensive study of the relationship between for profit and non-profit organizations and the environment in which they operate. Emphasis is on the analysis of business-society problems and issues and the formulation of appropriate managerial solutions. Prerequisites: completion of business core or permission of instructor and Senior standing. (Spring)

4355 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Presentation of theory and research in Organizational Behavior (O.B.) combined with experiential exercises to develop students' ability to take responsibility for making and living with decisions about their behavior. Awareness of the realities of organization interdependencies and their consequences for individuals. Focus is on modifying behavior and predicting the effects upon productivity, satisfaction, and development of individuals as members of the business unit. Prerequisite: BMGT 3340. (Fall)

4356 Fundamentals of Organizational Change and Development

This course introduces the discipline of Organizational Development (O.D.), including definitions, values, ethics and O.D. as a normative process. Change theory and practice and the role of the change agent/O.D. professional are examined. Traditional O.D. interventions and current applications of O.D. thought are surveyed. The course is experiential in nature and incorporates an action research project. (Spring)

4363 Electronic Business Strategy, Architecture and Design

This course provides an introduction to electronic business strategy and the development and architecture of electronic business solutions and their components. Prerequisites: BINF 2321, BMGT 3340 and permission of the instructor. (Fall) Cross-listed with BINF 4363.

4380 Integrative Business Analysis and Decision Making I

Initial Capstone course designed to prepare students for a rigorous examination of their ability to apply their undergraduate education across the entire spectrum of business management and decision making as required in the second phase of the Capstone experience. Students are introduced to the analytical process required to develop strategic options for decision-making in each of the functional areas of business. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

4381 Integrative Business Analysis and Decision Making II

The final Capstone experience during which the student demonstrates his/her competency in applying the knowledge gained in the respective degree programs. This course integrates the concepts, theories, and skills learned in other business disciplines through analysis and development of corporate strategy and policy. Additionally, students will prepare for employment in the business environment. Prerequisite: BMGT 4380 and permission of the instructor. (Fall, Spring, Summer)