3319/3619 Internship in International Business

Practical experience in international operations through directed and monitored work experience. Arrangements with instructor must be made 60 days prior to registration. Prerequisites: minimum GPA: 3.0; 12 hours in BINT and permission of instructor. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

3331 International Business

Analysis of business opportunities and political climates, trade barriers, government incentives, currency flow and financial systems and trade practices. Emphasis on current issues and readings. Prerequisites: ECON 2302. (Fall, Spring)

3345 International Accounting

A survey of the financial accounting, managerial accounting and tax problems of multinational organizations. Prerequisites: ACCT 2312, BINT 3331. (Fall) Cross-listed with ACCT 3345.

3350 Latin American Economics

Description of the socio-economic reality of Latin America. The evolution of development strategies from the Maya to the present. Current issues including international trade, structural reform, migration, debt, and the Asian crisis. Policy implications for government and business. May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective. Prerequisites: ECON 2301 and ECON 2302 and permission of instructor. (Spring) Cross-listed with ECON 3350.

3355 International Banking and Finance

International business transactions, sources of funding, relationship with international financial institutions and capital instruments. Relates international business funding to national and commercial development. Prerequisites: BINT 3331 and BFIN 3321. (Fall, Spring) Cross-listed with BFIN 3355.

3361 International Marketing

Analysis of international markets and opportunities for the international organization and the independent business person. Emphasis is on the use of data for analyzing market potential, support services of freight and insurance, and international currency movement. Discussion of current international situations, which create market potential. Prerequisite: BINT/BMKT 3331. (Fall, Spring) Cross-listed with BMKT 3361.

4310 International Economics

Introduction to the theory of international trade. Causes, benefits, and costs of trade. The foreign exchange market as a facilitator of trade. The balance of payments as a record of trade. Emphasis on current policy issues confronting the U.S. and its trading partners. Prerequisites: ECON 2301 and ECON 2302. (Fall) Cross-listed with ECON 4310.

4320 International Business Law

International Business Law as it affects international business transactions. Topics may include: international trade law, environmental and labor regulation, trade agreements, international organizations, investment and finance, human rights and ethical conduct, regulation of multinational enterprises. Prerequisite: BLAW 3317 (Spring) Cross-listed with BLAW 4320.

4360 Cross Border

Develops practical skills necessary for a small business owner to transact business in Mexico by providing opportunities to experience the border trade process firsthand. Includes fact-finding work to examine trade services in Laredo, San Antonio, and Mexico. Prerequisites: BINT 3331 International Business Management. (Fall)

4380 Importing

An analysis of the importing process, sources of supply, currency implications, government regulations, and current issues affecting the importing process. Prerequisite: BINT 3331 (Spring) Cross-listed with BMKT 4380.

4390 International Policies and Relations

Concentrated course offered in a host country to expose students to current trade policy issues and international relations. May include Embassy speakers, visits to factories, seminars with trade specialists or study-abroad experiences. Course may be repeated for additional credit when country focus is different. Fee. Prerequisite: BINT 3331. (Spring)