2321 Introduction to Information Systems

Theory, concepts, methods, and practice in the application of information systems management, methods and technologies to achieve business goals and objectives. Prerequisite: COMP 1301. (Fall, Spring)

2325 Personal Productivity Application

Concepts, methods, and practice in the effective use of end-user productivity software and integration of desktop products. Prerequisite: COMP 1301. (Fall, Spring)

2328 Hardware and Systems Software

Instruction and practice in the assembly of microcomputer hardware components into a working system, in the use of operating system functions and utilities, and in the selection of hardware and software for a small business or home system. Prerequisite: COMP 1301. (Fall)

2330 Programming Languages I

Introduction to programming design and development emphasizing structured programming techniques: vehicle language Visual Basic.NET. Prerequisite: BINF 2325. (Fall)

3319 Internship in IS

Practical experience in IS through a monitored work experience. Application must be made 60 days prior to registration. Prerequisites: minimum GPA of 3.0, 12 hours in BINF and instructor permission required. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

3330 Programming Languages II

Continuation of Programming Languages I with an emphasis on object-oriented programming methodologies and advanced language features: vehicle language Visual Basic.NET. Prerequisite: BINF 2330. (Spring)

3362 Systems Analysis and Specification

This course will teach students to accomplish preliminary investigation, feasibility assessment, systems analysis and specification of business requirements for databases and information systems. Prerequisites: BINF 2321 (Fall)

3363 Design and Implementation of Databases and Systems

A continuation of topics introduced in BINF 3362. Students will have supervised experience in designing, developing, testing, documenting and implementing business databases and information systems. Prerequisite: BINF 3362. (Spring)

3367 Introduction to Networks and Telecommunications

Basic telecommunications terminology and concepts. Introduction to voice and data networks, including technology, hardware, and software. Prerequisites: BINF 2321. (Spring)

4363 Electronic Business Strategy, Architecture and Design

This course provides an introduction to electronic business strategy and the development and architecture of electronic business solutions and their components. Prerequisites: BINF 2321 and BMGT 3340. (Fall) Cross-listed with BMGT 4363

4370 Project Management

This course covers the factors necessary for successful management of system development or enhancement projects. Both technical and behavioral management aspects of project management are discussed. Prerequisite: BINF 2321 and BMDS 3371, permission of instructor. (Spring) Cross-listed with BMDS 4370.