3319/3619 Internship in Banking

Practical experience in the banking industry through monitored work experience. Prerequisites: minimum 3.0 GPA; 12 hours in BFIN and permission of instructor. (Fall, Spring)

3321 Principles of Financial Management

Basic financial concepts employed by management. Emphasis is on the decision-making processes followed by corporate financial managers. Topics include the time value of money, financial planning, capital budgeting, cost of capital. Prerequisite: ACCT 2311, ECON 2301, and ECON 2302. (Fall, Spring)

3322 Intermediate Financial Management

Examination of financial theory and practice. The course goes into more depth on topics covered in principles of financial management. Prerequisites: BFIN 3321. (Spring)

3324 Investments

An introduction to the concepts, terminology and theory of investment management. Emphasis is placed on the investment activities of individuals and small businesses as they apply to portfolio management. Prerequisite: BFIN 3321. (Spring)

3325 Money and Capital Markets

The study of financial markets including the role of financial institutions and the supply and demand for funds. There is particular emphasis on U.S. markets and institutions including the supply and demand for funds. Prerequisites: BFIN 3321. (Fall, Spring)

3329/3629 Internship in Finance

Practical experience in financial operations through monitored work experience. Prerequisites: minimum 3.0 GPA; 12 hours in BFIN and permission of instructor. (Fall, Spring)

3340 Financial Management of Non-profit Organizations

Examination of the financial and economic issues facing a non-profit organization including the time value of money, grant development and fund raising, loans, cash management and planning and budgeting. Prerequisites: ACCT 2311 (As needed).

3355 International Banking and Finance

International business transactions, sources of funding, relationship with international financial institutions and capital instruments. Relates international business funding to national and commercial development. Prerequisites: BINT 3331, and BFIN 3321. (Fall, Spring) Cross-listed with BINT 3355

4304 Management of Financial Institutions

Application of the philosophies, methods, procedures and techniques required of bank managers in a turbulent, deregulated environment. Prerequisites: BFIN 3321 (Spring)

4355 Capital Budgeting

Application and extension of the capital budgeting process as a tool of financial and economic analysis, planning and allocation of scarce resources, utilizing computers and spreadsheets. Prerequisite: BFIN 3321. (Fall)

4373 Case Studies in Financial Management

Practical exercises in solving financial management problems using case studies. Prerequisite: BFIN 3321. (Fall)