VII. Description of Courses

Course Numbers

Courses are designated by numbers that indicate their rank. Those numbered from 1000 to 1999 inclusive are of freshman rank; courses from 2000 to 2999 inclusive are of sophomore rank but may also be taken by freshmen that present the equivalent of the prerequisite at entrance; courses numbered from 3000 to 4999 are of junior and senior rank. The first digit of the course number indicates the class level of the course. The second digit indicates the semester hour value of the course. Prerequisites refer to current course numbering. For the prior course number, please see an advisor. Special Topics and Selected Topics courses (usually numbered 4371 and 4399) may be offered in any discipline and are repeatable when and as the topics change. Independent Study courses numbered 4X98 with the X meaning a specific credit hour value. These courses are available in all disciplines subject to eligibility requirements stated in Section V of this Bulletin.

NOTE: Some courses may have separate fees assessed at registration. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for further information.