IV. Student Life Services and Programs

The commitment made by the University to the education of the individual includes the development of the whole person. The administration, faculty, and staff recognize that the student is not merely a recipient of knowledge, but a developing individual preparing for a larger role in society beyond the University experience. To this end, the University provides a variety of services and programs that are designed to assist the individual in the process of development and to enable the student to make the best possible use of the University experience.

Student Identification Cards

Each enrolled student is provided with an official University Identification Card enabling the student to attend University functions and utilize University facilities and services. ID cards can be used to purchase food on campus, check out books from the library, and gain entry into the residence halls, Wellness Center, Natatorium, athletic events, and theatre performances. The first ID is free and is available in the Campus Life Office. All entering first-year and transfer students have an opportunity to receive an ID card during Orientation. At the request of a University official, students are required to present this card as evidence of student status at UIW. Failure to present an ID could result in disciplinary action. Lost, misplaced, or missing ID cards should be reported to the Campus Life Office. There is a charge to replace a lost ID card. Delay in reporting a lost ID card could result in misuse of your card. The University ID card is nontransferable. Alterations to the card, false representation in obtaining and/or using the card are forbidden. Misuse may result in forfeiture of the card and disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the University.

Learning Assistance Center: Tutoring and Testing

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) serves the dual functions of providing both tutoring and testing to the University's students as well as the community at large. Our goal is to serve those who come to the LAC with respect, compassion, professionalism and the utmost level of confidentiality. LAC services are provided by appointment to afford those we serve with the optimum learning and testing conditions. Tutoring services include individual, group, and in-class assistance in various subjects as well as Conversation Hour for those wishing to improve their English in a relaxed and inviting setting. Testing services include administering CLEP, DANTES, Computer Literacy, HESI make-up, long-distance and several national entrance and certification exams. For tutoring appointments and information please call (210) 829-3870. For testing appointments and information please call (210) 829-3876. Visit our website at www.uiw.edu/lac.

Campus Ministry

The University of the Incarnate Word, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, is committed to encouraging the personal faith life of all its members and affirms the spirituality of its students, faculty, and staff members of varying religious backgrounds and persuasions. Campus ministers and student peer ministers form a searching, believing, loving, worshipping presence on campus so that intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth can flourish. The UIW community fosters initiative and participation in the areas of spiritual development, self-realization, worship, ethics, social justice, and Christian service.

The Counseling Service

The services offered by the Counseling Center are designed to provide assistance in resolving problems encountered by students as they seek to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. It is the Center's philosophy that each person should be encouraged and given the opportunity to take responsibility for his/her own decision-making process and lifestyle. The Counseling Center staff facilitates this process in an environment of understanding and confidentiality through personal and educational counseling. The staff is also available to provide a variety of small group workshops.

Student Disability Services

The University of the Incarnate Word is committed to providing a supportive, challenging, diverse and integrated environment of all students. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act – Subpart E and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the University ensures accessibility to its programs, services and activities for qualified students with documented disabilities.This is accomplished through a variety of accommodations and services tailored to meet each student's needs and strengths. To qualify for services, the student must provide the Office of Student Disability Services with appropriate documentation of his/her disability.

For information, contact the Student Disability Services Office AD-117 Phone (210) 805-5813 Fax: (210) 805-5895.

Student Success Program

The Student Success Program, is a federally-funded, Department of Education, TRIO program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post secondary educational goals. The overall goals of the Student Success Program are to increase the retention and graduation rates of its participants and to foster an institutional climate supportive of their specific needs.

The Student Success Program achieves its goals through a variety of services and activities that are FREE to all its program participants. Available services include, but are not limited to: a Summer Bridge-to-College program; peer coaching; individualized tutoring; a math and writing lab; program retreats, and other social activities; financial, career, personal and graduate school counseling; limited scholarships, College Success workshops; and learning communities.

All freshmen and sophomores who are first-generation in college students, Federal Pell Grant recipients and/or students with disabilities are eligible for this program. Applications and detailed program information are available in the Student Success Program office in Room 115 of the Administration Building.

Health Services

The Campus Health Center provides basic health services that focus on primary prevention care, health education and counseling, emergency care, and the maintenance of health records and insurance.

Immunizations: The University requires all full-time undergraduates who live in on-campus housing and all F-1 International Students to provide a health history and immunization records upon enrollment. Required immunizations include a Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td), Two Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and a Polio series if less than 18 years of age. International students and those born outside of the United States are also required to have a Tuberculosis skin test (PPD), available in Health Services for a nominal fee. The results of the skin test must be within one year of starting at UIW. If the PPD is positive, then a chest X-ray within one year of admission is required. Students enrolled in programs which require clinical experience in affiliated hospitals and clinics must comply with the health policy requirements of those institutions.

Health Insurance: All students enrolled for 12 or more semester hours are automatically billed for Health Insurance through the University Health Insurance Plan. If a student has his/her own private insurance then an Insurance WAIVER FORM must be submitted on-line to the Insurance Carrier prior to the 10th class day. No refunds for the health insurance plan will be made unless a completed waiver form has been submitted prior to the 10th class day. International students are not permitted to waive the University's Health Insurance Plan.

Office of Career Education and Services

The staff of the Office of Career Education and Services provides a centralized and comprehensive resource center to meet the employment needs of all students, from freshmen to alumni. The staff offers a variety of programs to educate, develop and assist students in successfully meeting the challenges of the ever-changing work environment. Students and alumni develop effective job-seeking skills and techniques through programs addressing effective cover letter writing and mail campaigns, resume development and interview skills training. The office also coordinates visits by representatives from business and industry, information about one's self, occupations, schools and programs of study, Myers-Briggs Type Inventory assessments for personality type with a career interpretation.

Student Housing

On-campus housing is available upon request for full-time students. Part-time students are permitted on a space-available basis. Seven residence halls are provided: Clement Hall, Colbert Hall, Dubuis Hall, Marian Hall, St. Joseph Hall, Agnese-Sosa Living/Learning Center, and a new residence hall facility (ICC II) that offers upper-class single rooms in apartment-style units. In addition, the Village of Avoca Apartments provides four-person suites. All halls are air-conditioned and equipped with lounges, laundry facilities, and TV rooms. A room may be reserved by completing a housing agreement and application, and submitting them with a $200 deposit to the Office of Residence Life.

All residence hall students will be required to purchase a meal plan each semester. Room assignments are made based upon application and deposit dates without regard to race, creed, or national origin. Although most students have roommates, single rooms are also available. If rooms and apartments reach maximum capacity, a housing waiting list will be maintained with preferences given to out-of-town students. All international students are strongly encouraged to live in campus housing while they are at UIW.

Professionally trained staff and student Resident Assistants supervise and oversee the residence halls. The University issues Guidelines for Community Living in the Residence Halls, a publication, which provides students with information and policies regarding the residence halls. During some holidays and semester breaks, the residence halls close at 3:00 p.m. on the last day of classes until noon on the day preceding resumption of class breaks. Housing during these periods will be provided for an additional charge. Housing is available during the summer session.

Further information on student housing is available by contacting the Assistant Director of Residence Life in the Campus Life Office.

The Student Center and Leadership Activities

Inherent in the development of each student is the opportunity to learn leadership skills and to participate in campus activities. The Office of the Student Center and Leadership Activities provides students with a wide range of opportunities to participate in campus life and manages the Student Center. The Student Government Association serves as the representative voice for students, while the Campus Activities Board plans student activities that promote diversity, provide social interaction and celebrate the university community. There are numerous groups to join, including academic, athletic, honor societies, multicultural, political, professional service, social, special interest and Greek organizations. Other activities offered include leadership workshops, Cardinal Camp for freshmen and transfer students, and Speakers for Achievement and Success.

We also offer a for-credit fall leadership class for freshmen/transfer students with less than 32 hours: Emerging Leaders (LEAD 1300). The class is team taught by faculty, and students are paired with peer mentors. An overnight retreat, group projects, and guest speakers enhance this learning/leadership experience.

Food Service

The University of the Incarnate Word offers three locations for food service. The Food Court, located in Marian Hall/Student Center, is the main dining facility and provides a variety of food options: home-cooked entrees, salad bar and soup, pizza, the grill, and made to order entrees. Hortencia's, located in the Administration Building, features Chick-fil-A, Freshens smoothies and yogurt, and freshly baked pretzels. Grab-n-go salads and convenience items are also available. Java on the Hill, a coffee shop featuring Starbucks coffee is located adjacent to the Bookstore in the International Conference Center II newest building on campus. It features coffees, teas, breads, and dessert. A limited selection of beer and wine is also available. Finnegan's Coffee Shop, featuring Starbucks coffee and tea is located in the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Library. Enjoy gourmet sandwiches, salads, pastries and desserts, and an assortment of bottled beverages. The Café located in the Feik School of Pharmacy Building offers grab and go sandwiches, salads, beverages, and snack items. A limited selection of hot entrees and soups is also available. Most buildings on campus also feature drink and/or snack machines for your convenience.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The University of the Incarnate Word is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II. The University offers intercollegiate sports programs in men's and women's cross-country, soccer, basketball, track and field, golf, and tennis. In addition, the University sponsors the intercollegiate sports of volleyball, swimming, and softball for women and baseball for men. Cheerleading is a sponsored program conducted under the Department of Athletics.

All sports offer some athletic scholarship assistance; however, prospective student-athletes are encouraged to complete and mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15th. Incarnate Word's academic scholarships are awarded based upon GPA and SAT/ACT test scores.

All prospective freshmen student-athletes must apply to the NCAA Clearing House for initial eligibility certification. Admission to the University does not constitute or guarantee athletic eligibility certification or participation. Student-athletes must meet all NCAA eligibility criteria in order to become initially eligible and remain eligible for competition.

Since NCAA regulations and rules are subject to change or modification on an annual basis, specific questions regarding athletic eligibility status should be directed to UIW's Compliance Coordinator in the Athletics Office.

Intramural Activities

The University of the Incarnate Word provides a wide range of physical activities to the University community through the intramural and recreation program.

A variety of individual, dual, and team activities are offered in the intramural and recreational programs. Students, faculty, and staff have an opportunity to participate in these recreational and competitive activities as players, officials, scorers, and activity managers.

Student Complaints Policy

The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is committed to fostering a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and personal development. Students are encouraged to voice their complaints and concerns in a manner that is respectful of the dignity of the individual, if any, who is the subject of the complaint. It is the policy of UIW that students with complaints are treated honestly and fairly, and that their complaints be handled in a timely manner with regard to resolution of the issue(s) presented. Any UIW student may express a concern or complaint by following these procedures. Please note that UIW explicitly prohibits any member of the UIW community from harassing or retaliating against students who file complaints.

General Guidelines

Complaints are most effectively and efficiently managed by first expressing them to the individual, if any, who is the subject of the complaint. Students are strongly encouraged to first discuss their complaint directly with any such individual involved.

If the complaint involves a policy, procedure, or area of responsibility of a specific administrative department, it should be directed to the supervisor or manager of that department. In each instance of a departmental complaint, the appropriate individual will investigate the complaint, seek a solution, and report back to the student in writing within 10 school days. The department supervisor/manager will keep a record of the decision.

For more information about how to process a complaint or to appeal a decision, the student should contact the appropriate office below.

Offices to Contact for Different Kinds of Complaints
Course Work Complaints

Students who have complaints about what they believe to be unfair treatment involving their academic work should contact the appropriate College/School Dean.

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Administration Building 163, CPO 144, (210) 829-6022

HEB School of Business and Administration, Gorman Business & Education Center, 140, CPO 123, (210) 805-5884

Dreeben School of Education, Gorman Business & Education Center, 124, CPO 16, (210) 829-2761

School of Interactive Media and Design, Administration Building 112, CPO 107, (210) 829-6091

School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, Science Hall, 112, CPO 68, (210) 829-2718

School of Nursing and Health Professions, Nursing Building Foyer, CPO 300. (210) 805-1213

Other Academic Complaints

Students who have complaints about academic advisement or other issues related to academic policies, procedures, or deadlines should contact the Director of Academic Advising, Administration Building, 105, CPO 286, (210) 829-3928.

Administrative Department Complaints

Students, who have complaints about the policies, procedures, or deadlines of an administrative area of UIW, or the personal treatment they have received from an administrative area of UIW, should contact the appropriate major office of UIW.

Admissions, Southwest Texas Building 112, CPO 285, (210) 805-3550

Business Office, Administration Building 190, CPO 291, (210) 829-6088.

Disability Services, Administration Building 119, CPO 28, (210) 829-3938

Financial Aid, Southwest Texas Building, CPO 308, (210) 829-3912.

Graduate Studies and Research Administration Building 180,

CPO 387, (210) 805-5840

Library 215, CPO 297, (210) 829-3837.

Registrar, Administration Building 129, CPO 304, (210) 829-3919.

Technology Services, Administration Building 3, CPO 103, (210) 829-3866.

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

Any member of the UIW community, including students, may file a complaint against any student for alleged violations of the UIW Student Code of Conduct by contacting the Dean of Campus Life, Marian Hall Student Center, CPO 306, (210) 829-6034.

General Concerns or Complaints

Students who have a general complaint regarding UIW policies, procedures, or personnel should contact the Dean of Campus Life, Marian Hall Student Center, CPO 306, (210) 829-6034.

Harassment Complaints

Students who believe that they have been subjected to harassment or treated in a way that violates UIW's anti-harassment policy (i.e., harassment related to an individual's race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship status, or disability) by another student, a UIW employee, a contractor, or a visitor to the campus, should immediately report the alleged harassment to the Director of Human Resources, Administration Building, Foyer, (210) 829-6019, or to the Dean of Campus Life, Student Center, CPO 306, (210) 829-6034.

Additional Resources

Mediation Services

Mediation is a process that attempts to establish communication between people having disputes and assists them in finding a mutually acceptable solution. The end result of a successful mediation is that there are neither winners nor losers, but rather, generally satisfied individuals who have arrived at an agreement, which resolves their dispute as they define it. Mediation is a confidential process. The agreements made by the parties involved are non-binding. UIW offers a mediation program designed to assist all members of the UIW community to resolve problems and disputes. Anyone may initiate mediation. To initiate mediation, contact the Counseling Center, Chapel Building 1, CPO 35, (210) 829-3129.

The Student Government Association

Students may address various concerns and comments to the Executive Officers of the UIW Student Government Association (SGA). Concerns regarding specific matters related to clubs and organizations, University policies and practices, or ideas and suggestions for UIW administrative offices may be directed to SGA. Concerns are accepted verbally at their twice-monthly general assembly meetings, at SGA-sponsored student forums, or by addressing an SGA officer. Students may also share their concerns in writing by using the forms provided at SGA suggestion boxes that are located in each building on campus. Concerns directed to the SGA may be submitted anonymously. Concerns are subject to publication in the Logos, the UIW student newspaper. Officers at their regular meetings address students' concerns with UIW administrators or in public forums. The concerns received are also compiled each semester by the SGA and priority issues are presented to the University Planning Commission for discussion and action, as needed. Student Government Officers may be reached in the Student Government Office, Marian Hall Student Center, CPO 1210, (210) 829-3833.

Student Conduct and Discipline

Membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is both a right and a privilege. It is a right for those who qualify and a privilege for those willing to accept and abide by the philosophy and standards of the University. As community members, students have the responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and treat all community members with respect and human dignity.

Each member of the University of the Incarnate Word community is expected to assume responsibility for her/his own conduct, and also feel a reasonable Christian responsibility for the behavior of others. On occasion, this may involve kind, courteous admonition when one member observes another in inappropriate conduct. On another occasion, it may involve cooperation when proper authorities are investigating instances of alleged misconduct.

The University seeks to balance the rules that are necessary to function effectively in an educational community with each individual's right to personal freedom. The University expects each student to behave as a responsible member of an academic community at all times. Community regulations are designed to guide the growth and development of individual responsibility, not to restrict individual freedom. The University's policies on alcohol and drug use, sexual harassment, and other issues are published in the UIW Student Handbook. Continued membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is contingent upon responsible behavior. The Dean of Campus Life has been delegated primary operational responsibility for student discipline.