Division of Extended Academic Programs

The division of Extended Academic Programs' (EAP) emphasis is to make high quality educational opportunities readily available to working adults who wish to obtain their university degree or gain professional certifications. EAP has the capability to expand both programmatically and geographically to meet the professional development needs of local and global populations. Developing new delivery formats for existing majors, designing new majors through joint agreements with other educational institutions and businesses, and developing non-degreed professional certifications are only a few of the opportunities offered.

Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCaP)

The School of Extended Studies, Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCaP) is primarily an evening and weekend studies program. Evening course work is offered at four learning centers in San Antonio and one in Corpus Christi, Texas. We also offer Saturday classes at the Northwest Center in San Antonio. The School of Extended Studies offers Graduate courses on the weekend and in Corpus Christi. ADCaP is an accelerated program for working adults with six terms a year, each eight weeks in length. Students can earn up to 36 hours of credit per year by attending classes only two days per week. The following undergraduate and graduate degrees are currently available:

Business Administration (BBA)

Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA) (Teacher Certification)

Nursing (RN to BSN)

BA Organizational Development (BA)

BA Human Resources (BA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Northwest and Corpus Christi Centers)

Master of Arts and Administration (MAA) (Corpus Christi Center)

GoArmyEd Program

This is an online program that is delivered to enlisted personnel of the US army. In the event that a student is accepted into the Universe Online program, it will be stipulated by the University that the soldier is the holder of a high school diploma/GED based on GoArmyEd program requirements and assurances. Students in this program are active duty military, so age restrictions will not always apply when they are demonstrated to be good candidates for the online learning environment. Students in the GoArmyEd program will be accepted for Non-Degree seeking status upon presentation to the Universe Online program. GoArmyEd students who are attending another host institution in the program are permitted to take courses at the university and are not required to submit a letter of "good standing" or official transcripts. Additionally, they are not limited to 24 semester hours, per institutional agreement with the U.S. Army. Conditions for admission, both Conditional and Unconditional, are identical to those stated above.

Universe Online

This program is also part of the Division of Extended Academic Programs. It also offers courses in an accelerated format, with five eight-week terms each year. Universe Online offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs delivered totally online. The following undergraduate degrees are available:

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts (AA) (only for GoArmyEd)

Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AA) (only for GoArmyEd)

Associate of Arts in Business Information Systems (AA) (only for GoArmyEd)

Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Accounting and General Business

Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)

BA Organizational Development

BA Human Resources

BA Administration