VI. Undergraduate Programs

Academic Literacy

The University offers courses in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing for students entering with a need to acquire competencies for success in mainstream college courses. As part of the Target Core Courses, students who need these courses, based on Assessment Testing or Placement, are required to complete these courses within their first two semesters. Students requiring these developmental courses are limited in what courses they can take before successfully completing these requirements.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are two or three linked courses that share common themes to create interactive learning partnerships between courses. Students enrolled in these grouped courses become a sharing community; along with their instructors, they collaborate and learn together. Learning Communities launch the educational career for entering first-year students at UIW. Typically, an entering first year student's first semester schedule is built around a learning community cluster of two integrated courses. Learning community offerings satisfy first semester General Education requirements, Honors Program tracks, and discipline-specific clusters for students who have already decided upon their majors.