3340 Organizational Development

This course presents the research, practice and ethics relevant to organizational development, including: consulting skills, tools and techniques for analyzing problems, developing, implementing and evaluating organizational development interventions, and ethical issues at each stage of the consulting process. Prerequisites: BMGT 3340 and BMGT 3354. Cross-listed with HRES 3340.

3360 Teambuilding in Organizations

This course presents the research and practice relevant to improving teamwork in organizations for permanent work groups, temporary project teams and virtual teams, for a variety of purposes, including: improving productivity, clarifying roles, resolving conflict and adapting to change. Prerequisites: ORGD 3340.

3370 Total Quality Management

This course presents the research and practice relevant to employee involvement programs, in particular, TQM, continuous improvement and six-sigma approaches o improving organizational processes, products and services. Prerequisites: ORGD 3340.

3380 Work Design

This Course presents the research and practice relevant to designing jobs and work groups that are both satisfying and productive, including engineering, motivational and sociotechnical systems approaches. Prerequisites: ORGD 3340.

3390 Communication in Organizations

This course presents the concept and practice of organizational communication, ranging from individual communication, to how structures and methods influence communication messages. Prerequisites: SPCH 2341 and ORGD 3340

4330 Organizational Learning

This course examines models, theories and practical application of the way an organization learns and adapts to internal and external change, including how to learn from experience, and how knowledge management enhances organizational effectiveness. Prerequisite: ORGD 3340

4350 Leadership in Organizations

This course presents the research and practice relevant to leadership in organizations, including: theories of leadership, leadership styles, leadership roles and activities, and skills necessary for effective leadership. Prerequisite: ORGD 3340 and BMGT 4355. Cross-listed with HRES 4350.

4380 Capstone in Organizational Development

This is the final course for the BA in Organizational Development. It is an integrative, problem-solving course in which the expertise gained in the major are applied to organizational situations through actual project work or case studies. Prerequisite: Completion of all major requirement for the Bachelor of Arts in OD. Cross-listed with HRES 4380.