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1920's, 1930's and 1940s

Retired IWC Chaplain Msgr. John Hayes of Chicago celebrated his 96th birthday May 26, 2002, and died after a brief illness on June 3, 2002.

Mary Klein and Emeline Synodis, both '27
Mary Klein and Emeline Synodis, both '27

The Constance Allen Heritage Guild for Lifelong Learning honors the memory of the late Constance Allen, BA '28, who was instrumental in founding the National Scholarship Fund in 1930. Designed to help women enter higher education, the guild is a scholarship foundation of the Business and Professional Women's Club of San Antonio. There were 13 honorees in 2001.

Laurita Grider Barber, BA '37, wrote to say that she looks forward to The Word and any news about her classmates. Laurita and her husband, Tom, celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on June 15, 2001.

Elizabeth Marshall Aman, BA '42, completed her term as president of the Knollwood Residents Association in Washington, D.C. She shares an anonymous poem written shortly after 9/11/01: "When sudden terror tore apart the world we thought was ours, we found how fragile strength can be, how limited our powers … Have mercy, Lord, give strength and peace and make our courage great. Restrain our urge to seek revenge, to turn our hurt to hate."

Sister Clare Eileen Craddock
Sister Clare Eileen Craddock

Sister Clare Eileen Craddock, CCVI, BA '42, and former professor of French celebrated her diamond anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2001.

Sister Evelyn Lambert, IWHS '42, MA '73, '79, retired as director of liturgy for the Incarnate Word Retirement Center on her 80th birthday. Now she says she'll have more time for rest, prayer and play.

Ada Koenig Kirk, BA '43, had the 80th anniversary of her nativity celebrated in style on March 10th at the Green DeWitt School House in Cuero. Ada attended this one-room schoolhouse from 1928 to 1936 and taught all eight grades in the one room in 1943-44. Well, Ada Kirk tried to teach when boyfriend Bert Kirk and his pilot friends at Breighton Flight School weren't flying low over the school she would let all the children come out to wave.

Sister Mary Daniel Healy, CCVI, BA '47, MS '85 and Professor of Chemistry celebrated her diamond anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May of 2001.

Sister Irene Maspero, CCVI, IWHS '42, BA '47, MA '66, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

The late Betty Scheibl Dunn, BA '49, is well remembered in San Antonio. Scott Huddleston of the San Antonio Express-News was trying to track down a reporter for the San Antonio Light who did a story on a young man about to leave for the Korean War, and the man, now living in Wisconsin, was trying to track her down. Among those who identified Betty was her friend, Alyce Odom Burkholder, BS '49. Both had graduated from the Ursuline Academy downtown, and Betty went on to a career with Life magazine, and then to People magazine.

Dr. M. Jeanne Fairweather, BS' 49, our first M.D. alumna, was honored last year for providing funds for the first White Coat Ceremony of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M. With matching funds from the college added, 127 first-year DVM students of the class of 2004 received the symbols for professional and personal development. Leave it to Jeanne to be on the cutting edge of a new tradition.

Sister Sophia Oviedo, CCVI, BA '49, celebrated her 75th anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in 2001.


Sr. Ana Guadalupe Gonzalez, BA '50, wrote from Mexico that she has many happy memories of her years at Incarnate Word. She is now working with the sick in pastoral ministry.

Olga Hachar Lavaude, IWHS '47, BA '50, has been enjoying her travels in this country and abroad by herself or with family and Incarnate Word friends after her retirement from working at the Hachar stores in Laredo for 45 years. A longtime Incarnate Word supporter, Olga also served on the UIW Board of Trustees.

Lucille Smith, Martha George, and Rosemary Doyle, all '52
Lucille Smith, Martha George, and Rosemary Doyle, all '52

Sister Mary Eustace Farrell, CCVI, BSN '51, celebrated her diamond anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2001.

Members of the Class of 1952 who represented their golden anniversary class at commencement on May 11, 2002 were: Josephine Loth Klinksiek, BSN, Martha K Williams George, BS Ed, Teresa Sanchez Widish, BA Biology, Lucille Bertetti Smith, BS Ed, Rosemary Bertetti Doyle, BS Ed and Sister Margaret Patrice Slattery, CCVI, BA English. Maxine Buhler Burns, BSN was in Texas but had to return to Sacramento for a family emergency.

Mary E. Kuhnel Conroy, RN '52, e-mailed after the notice of the death of LTC Madeleine Ullom to share her work collecting the WWII treasured memories of a cousin, Katherine Kuhnel, a Santa Rosa graduate RN, who was an operating room nurse in the South Pacific. Mary's mother was also a Santa Rosa alumna.

inauguration of Harold Jeffcoat at Texas Wesleyan University

Cornelia M. Conway Dankesreiter, BS MDT '52, represented the University last September at the inauguration of Harold Jeffcoat at Texas Wesleyan University (right). Connie, and husband Larry, were among the stalwart 13 who were on the first UIW alumni tour to Ireland last June.

Sister Mary Baptist Savoy, O. Carm, BA '54, MA '66, wrote from Rayne, LA that she is now retired and cherishes her years at Incarnate Word. An art major, she still paints and won a gold medal in the local senior Olympics. She is still working on the life of the Little Flower, twenty paintings in all.

Mary Lou Garcia Brink, BSN '55, retired three years ago from active nursing, spending the last 12 years as Public Health Administrator for her county in Oregon. She said it was time to be a snowbird in the winter. She joined the American Red Cross as a disaster nurse, and after the tragedy of 9/11/01 she volunteered a month on the New Jersey side of the tragedy, a situation she labeled as very, very sad. She talked and comforted wives and mothers who just saw husbands off to work and never saw them again. Two years before almost to the date, she was in NJ after Hurricane Floyd and before that in Arizona after the floods. She feels fortunate to continue serving as an RN.

Sister Mary Anne Ryan, CCVI, BSN '55, celebrated the golden anniversary of her religious profession in May 2001.

Literally thousands of alumni were shocked to hear of the sudden death last August of Professor of Music Sister Maria Goretti Zehr, CCVI, BM '55. It was the second day of the semester and Sister walked into one of her first classes, said she wasn't feeling well, and went out to the drinking fountain where she collapsed of a heart attack. Nearly 2,000 memorial cards were distributed to her many friends and former students. Over $18,000 has been donated for a music scholarship in her memory. In Sister's honor a plaque with the words to the Hymn to the Incarnate Word was placed on the Jordan Carillon and dedicated to her memory. The hymn itself plays every day at 7 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Sisters Angelica Coleman, CCVI, Olivia Prendergast, CCVI and Catherine Whyte, CCVI, all BSN '56 celebrated their golden anniversaries as Incarnate Word Sisters in May 2002.

Vivian Wood Donahoe, IWHS '53, BA '56, is serving as a school principal and enjoyed an August 2001 vacation at Lake Tahoe. She is looking forward to retirement when she can take advantage of alumni travel programs.

Sister Rita Prendergast, CCVI, former English faculty member, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

Dr. Yuen C. Liu, BSN '58, is the Co-Director/Professor of the Center for Asia Pacific Economics at George Mason University, Washington, D.C. Dr. Liu recently served on a panel in Washington with UIW nursing faculty member Dr. Jim Sorensen.

Sister Magdalen Hession, CCVI, BSN '59, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2001.


Dr. Margaret Moore Blanchard, BA '60, had a book signing at the Twig Bookstore in San Antonio last September for her novel, Hatching.

Zola Schram Ingram, IWHS '56, BA '60, and her husband, Jack, are living on the Big Island in Hawaii. Classmates should give her a call when in Hawaii. Aloha nui loa.

Sister Theresa Bermingham, CCVI, BS '62, celebrated her diamond anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in 2001.

Dr. Mary Roberta Brown Neiheisel, BSN '62, wrote from Lafayette, LA to say that she was named one of the first 25 outstanding nurses in Acadiana and has been active in organizing local celebrations of National Nurse Week in May.

Sister Rosario O'Connell, SHSp, BS '62, went to Houma, LA in 1972 to work with the Louis Infant Center. She has many happy memories of her years at Incarnate Word. To check out what this alumna has been doing go to

Sister Kathleen O'Driscoll, CCVI, BA '62, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

Roseann Zarsky Smith, BSHe '62, is proud that the firefighter boots worn by her daughter, Kimberly, have become part of the permanent collection of footwear at the San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures. Kim lost her life while a member of the Houston Fire Department and was trying to rescue her partner trapped in a building fire. Kimberly's older sisters are Suzette and Pamela, and a brother, Shaun. We thank Roseann for bringing this to our attention from her home in Fountain Valley, CA.

Dr. Cecilia Valle Gonzales, BA '63, MS '69, was appointed Dean of Arts and Sciences at Palo Alto College in San Antonio. Cecilia had been director of institutional advancement at San Antonio College prior to her appointment and had earned her Doctorate in educational administration from Baylor in 1999.

Dr. Hector Hugo Gonzalez, BSN '63 and former nursing faculty was included, with a photo, in the March 3rd national Parade Magazine feature on what people earn. Hint: his figure was less than Brad Pitt's.

Dr. Diana I. Sanchez Martinez, BA '63, Dean of Science and Technology at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, TX received a 2001 Women in Careers Award in education from the YWCA in Corpus Christi. In addition to her sister, Sandra Sanchez Gray, and UIW President Emerita Sister Margaret Patrice Slattery, CCVI, BA '52 and Sister Mary Daniel Healy, CCVI, BA '47, MS '85 in attendance, classmates from 1963 there were: Rosario Flores Garcia, Alicia Cervera Valdez, Carmelita Gonzalez Cazamias, Diana Rodriguez Alexander, Dolores Uribe Aguayo and Otilia Resendez, '62 and Cota Resendez Garcia, '66. Eddy Virginia Durham Cisneros, BA '63 and her husband, Texas A&I Kingsville president Lt. Gen Mark Cisneros.

Diane Barron Weynand, BS '64, retired in May after thirty years of teaching kindergarten, first grade and serving as a reading specialist. She plans to sub a little, travel more, and baby-sit four grandchildren a bunch.

Dr. Margaret Cortese
Dr. Margaret Cortese (left)

Dr. Margaret Cortese, IWHS '58, BA '65, works for the County Health Department in California and visited the campus last year during a reunion called Connections. Margaret had been a CCVI from 1958 to 1973 and taught at the College. Her avocation continues to be Teatro de las Americas.

Jane Bednarek Crowley, BSN '65, and others had worked for months planning a reunion of the 1965 nursing class in San Antonio in September, and as many as eighteen planned to be there. Then came 9/11/01 and the reunion had to be cancelled. We bet they will reschedule.

Dr. Amy Freeman Lee, Hon. '65, was featured in a wonderful story by Marina Pisano in the San Antonio Express News on January 13, 2002.

Sister Clara O'Driscoll, CCVI, BA '65, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2001.

Sister Teresa Whyte, CCVI, BA '66, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

Sister Bernardine Coyne, CCVI, BA '67, MA '73, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

Dr. Lily Hernandez, BA '67, e-mailed from Miami recalling the fun student days of the 1960s. She asks if anyone remembers changing the offices during the night on April 1st! She says she hid lots in her dorm room. There is at least one person who writes for this magazine who remembers when all of the offices were switched, and we are not telling the current students how it was done. (

Eleanor M. Wilson Kornbau, BSN '67, sent her usual, detailed Christmas letter from Lisbon, Ohio and Ellie certainly knows how to fill a day with household chores, massive volunteer activity, and generally living the good life.

Martha A. Tagle de Rodriguez (Martha Angelica Tagle Nader), IWC '67, attended IWC as a special English student 1963-1964 and recently celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary with her husband and two grown children in Mexico. She has owned a kindergarten almost from the time of her return home. She visited the campus three times, once with her family, and visited with the late Sisters Antoninus Buckley and Adriana Escobar, CCVI. Martha would love to hear from her friends back then and she may be reached by email at

Sister Anne Birmingham, CCVI, BA '68, was honored by the UIW Education Department with the naming of the Lighting the Way With Literacy Award presented for the first time on February 22, 2002. And Sister Anne's ministry, Sisters Care of San Antonio, celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 2, 2002.

Julia Shaffer Henion
Julia Shaffer Henion

Julia Shaffer Henion, IWHS '64, BSN '68, is back in her native Texas as Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer for Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi. Julia brought with her 25 years of experience at Santa Rosa Healthcare and Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Julie was also named an Incarnate Word Alumna of Distinction. Her family connections with Incarnate Word include her sister, husband, children and mother, the latter, Maria Luisa de Shaffer, now a resident in the Retirement Center.

Carol Kay Kelly, BSN '68, in Oregon, would like to hear from nursing classmates by email at

Sister Margaret McCormack, CCVI, BA '68, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2002.

Sister Helena Monahan, CCVI, BA '68, Ph.D., JD, was elected Congregation Coordinator for the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in January and will take office in June 2002 for a six-year term of office. The position used to be called general superior. Many alumni remember sister as an English faculty member, vice president, assistant to the president and university attorney, the latter upon her return from the University of Houston after earning a law degree. Re-elected to the CCVI general council was Sister Walter Maher, CCVI, BA '67, and also elected was Sister Feliciana Mejia, CCVI, BA '75, and Sor Maria de Lourdes Urrutia, CCVI of Mexico.

Barbara Odom-Wesley, BS MRA '68, MA '80, Ph.D., RHIA, took office as President of the American Health Information Management Association on January 1st. In addition, she owns and operates MED-PRO Services, a consulting firm specializing in physicians offices and ambulatory health care services. Barbara was a former student of Sister Brigid "Benignus" Mollaghan, CCVI, BS '56, MA '68, who is now a chaplain of Hospice San Angelo.

Sister Mary Carmel Smith, CCVI, BA '68, MA '79, invites alumni to visit her year-old Evangelization Website

Dr. Eloisa Garcia Tamez, RN, BSN '68, FAAN, is an assistant professor in the College of Health Sciences and Human Services, Department of Nursing, The University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX.

Angeline D. "Ann" Wilson, BA '68, MA '70, has moved from Lockhard into Incarnate Word Villa of the Incarnate Word Retirement Center.

Connie Lu Beasley, BS '69, is happily back in San Antonio after 25-plus years in Dallas. Connie is running her own company, Encore Sales and Marketing, and is also an independent real estate broker with the Legacy Group (

Sister Maureen Brennan, CCVI, BA '69, MA '77, celebrated her golden anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in May 2001.

On August 21, 2001 Msgr. Thomas A. French, Hon. celebrated a memorial Mass in the IW Retirement Center for Vera Cavazos Ticer, BA '69. Vera died suddenly in Houston in December 2000 and had been scheduled to retire early the next month. In attendance were former classmates as well as family. She is survived by husband, Ken, son Darren of Boston, and sisters Mary Lou Freiheit '64, Celeste Mullen '62, and her brother, Raul. Also, attending from around the state and nation were Brownsville Villa Maria 1965 alumnae Marie King Young, Pam Miller Mays, IWC '65-'66,Stephanie Bales Kissel, Magdalena Rosas Hummel, Luz del Carmen de la Vega Fehr, and Margaret Carnesi Van Nostrand. Lucy Garza Davis (IWC '65-'66), Dr. Lynn Toonen, Dr. Esther Longoria McCord (IWC '65-'67), Cecilia Garcia Schultz, Katie Anderson Young, and Rosa Vela Parra, BA '69. Alumnae cousins attending were Amanda Garza Clint, BS '57 and Zoila Garza Gomez, BS '59. Vera's sisters hosted a luncheon after Mass at Celeste's home.

Josefa "Pepa" Gutierrez Volpe, BA '69, is living in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.


Sister Emilie Eilers, IWBS, BA '70, will take a one-year sabbatical to continue her education. She has been the principal of St. Joseph High School in Victoria for the past 17 years.

Georgie J. Coleman McAteer, BA '70, correctly identified herself and classmate Beth Brackin, '70, as work-study students photographed them hard at work in the IWC Public Relations Office. Georgie is also due for a promotion at Fort Hood and has moved to Operations Director of the Digital Training Division. On her home front, younger daughter Adrienne graduated from UT with a degree in communications and older daughter, Alizon, is raising Liam and works in the training division of Hecht. If memory serves us, Georgie was well into "expecting" Alizon when she played Lady Macbeth in Europe.

Bottom-Top: Elrose Wick Caruso, Aileen Wick Hyber, and Martha Baker
Bottom-Top: Elrose Wick Caruso, Aileen Wick Hyber, and Martha Baker

Elrose Wick Caruso, BA '71, celebrated 30 years of marriage to Dr. Kent R. Caruso in June 2001 in San Antonio at St Pius X Catholic Church, with the Rev. John Frizelle officiating. Father Frizelle was a psychology professor at the time. Their son, Aaron, graduated in 1999 with two BS degrees in business administration finance and economics and is an administrative auditor with FF Residential in Marina de Rey, CA. Daughter Courtney graduated from Shasta High School in June of 2000, was class president, and is now at UC Davis majoring in political science and with law school in sight. Elrose is busy as office manager of Kent's busy forensic psychology practice and as a middle school substitute teacher in Redding, CA where they live. Elrose's sister, Aileen Wick Hybner, BA '69 and niece, Allison Hybner, BA '99 are also UIW alumnae. Elrose is also fighting back after a bout with breast cancer and would appreciate your prayers for her continued recovery.

Robert L. Perdiue, D.P.M., MS '71, MS '94, completed his Masters in Public Health in health administration at Loma Linda University in June 2001.

Susanne Franza Valdez, IWHS '67, BA '71, retired last year from the U.S. General Accounting Office after 26 years but was back in January as the executive director of Federal Executive Board of Greater St. Louis. She works with leaders of 89 federal agencies from Fort Leonard Wood on the west to Scott AFB on the east. Her daughter, Marissa, is a recent A&M graduate now in Washington, D.C. and son, Mark, is at Duke University and is a goalie on the soccer team.

Jerry Watson, '71, directed the Tony-Award winning three-man play, Art, at the San Pedro Playhouse in San Antonio through June 15, 2002.

Mary Morriss Wiley, MA '71, continues her two galleries in Sherman and was awarded signature status with Associated Creative Artists of Dallas following the same honor previously from the Western Colorado Watercolor Society. One of her oil paintings now hangs in the capitol in Austin.

Cindy Pizzini Womack, BSN '71, has a wonderful job as a school nurse at The Rice School/La Escuela Rice in Houston. She sends regards to all.

Josh Davis, KRC alumnus was the featured speaker at the dedication of the Ann Barshop Natatorium in October. Mom Joan Ashcraft Davis, BM '72, and dad Michael, St. Anthony '62, grad for former IWC Development Director, report that Josh has made six personal appearances with the San Antonio Symphony at children's concerts in January. The theme was "Olympic Music" and he spoke with them about making dreams come true and the connection between music and athletics.

Doug Fetters
Doug Fetters

Doug Fetters, BM '72, celebrated his reunion by sitting in with Kyle Keener and Polly Heinrich Harrison of The Small World and playing his trumpet at the Homecoming 2002 luncheon. Doug is back teaching in Louisiana after many years of police work in Texas.

Catherine V. Abeyta Sena, BA '72, completed 14 years of working and continues as the Archdiocesan Director of Religious Education in Albuquerque. The major thrust now is adult faith formation, implementing the National Council of Catholic Bishops document for a pastoral plan.

Mary Clare Jimenez Wickins, IWHS '68, BA '72, is the president of the Colorado Chapter of REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking. She is currently working as an acquisitions/collection library at Regis University in Denver.

Emily Duane Ferry, IWHS '69, IWC '73, has been accepted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Now she gets to vote on the Oscars. Emily has been working in Hollywood since the 1970s and has been involved in several major films, many with Danny DeVito.

Melrose Frank Haley, MA '73, was one of eight San Antonians honored on October 20, 2001 by the San Antonio Chapter of the Top Ladies of Distinction for her exemplary work in religion. At the same event Melrose received a honorary doctoral degree in divinity form the American International Theological Institute and Seminary.

Rosita Martinez Herrera, BA '73, and her alumnus husband have had a long and difficult period after open heart surgery for her last March and then a tragic auto accident involving both of them the following April. Please keep her and her husband, Mario Alberto Herrera MA '88, in your prayers (

Kathy Ladd, BA '73, MA '79, survived the terrible Houston floods of June 2001. Her car was not so lucky nor the fact that she had made the last payment the week before. This is her eleventh year in Houston and the tenth at St. Pius School.

Delma Cisneros Wheeler, BA '73, earned her second master's degree, this one in instructional technology. She was one of the first teachers at NISD to participate in this online degree program through Houston Baptist. Delma's daughter, Sarah, is almost a sophomore at IWHS.

Vangie Garza, '74, is the Director of Development for Special Olympics in Dallas.

Dr. Mary Spalding, IWHS '70, BA '74, works with TeleDoc 5000 at the Texas Tech Family Practice Center in El Paso, which allows city and rural physicians and patients to "attend" exams and view x-rays via cameras and other technology.

Kathleen Kinsella, BA '75, enjoyed meeting with the alumni and CCVI sisters in Dublin last June, and she sends regards to all in San Antonio.

Robert Mendenhall, BA '75, has been working for the VA hospital in Temple since last fall and works with alumna Sylvia Garcia, BS '84, a traveling VA Health Administration interior designer who has been with the VA for 16 years.

Cindy Mozisek Sanford, IWHS '72, BA '75, has moved back to San Antonio after the death of her husband.

Laurie Fitzpatrick, BA '76 and Mary Evans Rhame, BA '92, were in a San Antonio production of Kindertransport, a drama about children sent to a foster family in England at the outset of the Holocaust. It was staged at the Vexler Theatre of the Jewish Community Center. Laurie's design for a Fiesta medal, "The Royally Raucous Order of Festive Frivolity," was featured in the San Antonio Express-News on April 19th under his business name, "Laura Charlton Designs." Laurie also donated some handmade US flag pins after 9/11/01 for Homecoming prizes.

Dr. Frances Strodtbeck
Dr. Frances Strodtbeck

Dr. Frances Strodtbeck, BA '76, BSN '77, NNP, FAAN, was one of 68 new fellows nationally for the 2001 American Academy of Nursing. They were inducted in ceremonies in Washington, D.C. on October 27, 2001. Frances was recognized for extraordinary achievement in nursing and the potential for sustained contributions to the future of the nursing profession. Prior to this honor Frances was selected to give the 2002 Sister Charles Marie Frank lecture in nursing on April 19th during Homecoming. Frances, who is back in Texas now, has carried the theme of raising the standards for neonatal nursing. As a student, Frances served as SGA president and student member of the Board of Trustees. On May 11, 2002 Frances received the 2002 Alumna of Distinction Award for Professional Achievement at the UIW morning commencement ceremony, and gave the address to the graduates.

Members of the Class of 1977 who represented their silver anniversary class at December graduation were: Rev. Victor Carrillo, BS Medical Records, Rosalinda R Urrabazo Heard, BSN, Judy Hooge, BM, Minerva Maria Regalado, BS in Medical Technology and Sidney Ann Chavez Spencer, BA Drama.

Alan Craig, BA '77, was in an auto accident before Christmas and was hospitalized for three weeks. His head injury caused some memory problems, which are improving.

Sylvia Elena Noyola Garza, BSN '77, is the Director of Health Management Services with Valley Baptist Health Systems in Harlingen, TX. Last October she received board certification as a certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist, a voluntary mechanism for validating professional knowledge and expertise. About 30 percent, or 6,500 of the nurses employed in occupational health settings have board certification.

Lt. Col. Ray Green, USAF, BS '77, is assigned to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) at the Pentagon as Deputy Director, Technology Management, Integration and Standards. Happily, Ray and Scott Hill, BM '87, both survived 9/11/01 attack on the Pentagon.

Cecilia Bridget Elizondo Herrera, IWHS '73, IWC '77, and Alumna of Distinction has been reassigned and returned to Washington, D.C. to be the Assistant Chief of Protocol for Administration for the State Department at the White House. There was a farewell luncheon for her on the campus on March 6th.

Joe Pickard, BBA '77, is a frequent visitor to the campus from Littleton, Co. He comes to visit his grandfather at the Incarnate Word Retirement Center. Joe's son just started college at Pepperdine in California. Test your memory banks: Joe was the first male elected to what IWC position?

Joe Ann Leonard, MA '78, transformed a former motel and eyesore into the Early Learning Institute on San Antonio's East side nearly 15 years ago and stresses faith as a core part of her curriculum. She keeps her tuition low to provide an opportunity for all children. Joe Ann was featured this spring in a "South Texas Portrait" of the San Antonio Express-News.

Maria A. Pena Rocha, BSN '78, notes that in June 2002 she and her husband, Rene, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their marriage.

Dr. Maria del Rosario "Rosie" Valdez, RNC, BSN and BA '78, and former nursing faculty is an assistant professor in the Intercollegiate College of Nursing in Spokane, WA and was featured in the February 28th issue of

Sister Christine Stavinoha, CCVI, BA '79, MA '95, celebrated her silver anniversary as an Incarnate Word Sister in 2001.

Yvonne Sanchez-Navarro, BBA '79, visited last June. She is the first vice-president of the Mexican Division of SCI Systems, Inc. and frequently travels between Mexico and the U.S. She fondly remembers the days of the International Students Association's Posada on campus before Christmas.


Simon Guss Garcia, BA '81, is still painting and living in the mountains of Guanajuato, Mexico. He is far away from the art scene but does manage to exhibit on occasion. Guss sends saludas to UIW arts chair Kathy Vargas.

George Gaytan, BM '81, is in the news again, but not for music. This time he is an author. George is earning rave reviews and book signings for his book about his father in the US Navy of WW II, Momentary Heroes: A Tribute to a Father's Generation. George was on hand at the UIW Bookstore the Saturday morning of Homecoming signing copies of his book.

Laura Lee Shaw, BA '82, MA '85, and her husband, Jack, have purchased a home in Florida in preparation for retirement this summer to be closer to family - read that "grandson." In the meantime, Laura agreed to move from her position as Executive Director of Development at UIW to serve in an interim capacity as Vice President of Institutional Advancement following Tom Plofchan's sudden death on December 7, 2001.

Debbie Benavides, BA '83, has kept herself busy these years at UTSA where she is now in the graduate program in higher education, a faculty member and an academic advisor `for the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at the UTSA downtown campus. Debbie kindly had the UIW alumni program included in a graduate class in higher education administration - and proudly displayed her IWC alumni card. As an IWC drama major she was active in campus productions and volunteered for Phonathon each year.

Robert and Carmen Terrazas Dominguez, both BSN '83, and children, Adriana and Marisa, moved to El Paso and into their first new home last November. Bobby is counting the days he has in the Army and Carmen is searching for a church choir. They are only two miles from the William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

Lisa M. Gamez Kafer, BA '83, changed her business name from Strategic Coaching and Development to L M Koncepts. Kafer is in Cranberry Township, PA.

Sandra Artelejo Gromer, BS '83 UIW's 2001 Alumna of Distinction for Professional Achievement. Sandra has 12 award-winning and nationally recognized years of experience in fashion design/merchandising/marketing and graphic art, the latter including the position of Fashion Art Director/Scene Director for the San Antonio Express-News. She also served as director of the UIW fashion design department and worked on the development of the degree program while teaching fashion illustration, fashion show production and textiles and portfolio. Sandra is currently designing for the Plano, TX, J. Suzette and Company, the largest supplier of clothing to the catalog and store chains of Coldwater Creek and several department stores such as Dillard's. Sandra has designed for a diversity of market segments, including Panhandle Slim, a country duo Brooks and Dunn's menswear line; assisting Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga, sister of slain Tejano star Selena, with the singer's fashion line; Page Boy maternity wear; creating, designing and marketing her own fashion line for Hispanic women, the Sandra Salcedo Collection, making several appearances on QVC. She has designed junior and girlswear, sportswear, bed and bath line, handbags and more. Her honors include the national Hispana Entrepreneur National Award from LULAC in 1997, Hispanic Designer of the year (1996), Fashion Group Salute to Spring Fashions (San Antonio, 1991), Rising Star, Hispanic Designer Gala, Washington, D.C. (1990), Texas Presswomen's First Place awards in Graphics (1984 and 1986), Special Sections (1984 and 1985) and the National Federation's First Place Award in Graphics in 1984. She also won the Women in Communications Award of Merit in San Antonio in 1984.

Joseph M "Jody" Moore, BA '84, seems to be working at least 4.75 jobs in San Antonio, and all in the technology area - technical recruiter, owner of 1PLUS1 Digital Designs, Consultant and Webmaster for South Texas Total Eye Care, and Webmaster for a photographer. Jody always did know how to fill a 24-hour day!

Mary Pohlmann-Davis, BA '84, is still working successfully as an artist in Florida. One of her teddy bear creations was on the cover of the December, 2001 issue of Teddy Bear and Friends. Mary plans to send a bear for the Scholarship Sweepstakes 2002.

Timothy Shull, BS '84, and his wife, Katie, have two adopted children from Russia, Steven Dimitry, 2 and Angela, 11. Last July Tim became business development representative for the Southwest with MDS Pharma Services, focusing primarily on biotechnology sponsors. Tim earned his MS in chemistry from A&M and has 15 years of scientific and sales experience.

Paul Carl Spana, BA '84, had the opportunity to attend the first convocation ceremony at China Incarnate Word while he visited his father, Ron, who joined the English faculty there. Ron is also a charter member of the UIW Extended Run Players.

Paul Algueseva III
Paul Algueseva III

Paul Algueseva III, BA '85, exhibited his sculpture last June at the San Antonio Art League Museum, and in March 2001 delivered a bronze sculpture to St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Bandera, TX. Last August US Treasurer Paul O'Neil received a bronze plaque of the West Liberty Train Depot, Paul's original design Age of the Iron Horse. Paul is a full time sculptor with his own foundry in Washington, IA. You can contact Paul at or his home page

Lisa A. Horan Ginapp, BSN '85, joined the UTMB School of Nursing, Galveston student affairs office staff responsible for student recruitment. Lisa has many years of nursing and management experience and had two years experience as a nurse recruiter in the Human Resources Department at Scott and White Hospital.

Ace High, II, BBA '85 and the 10,000th IWC graduate was named Assistant Superintendent of Business for the Cuero TX School District. Ace started full time on June 1, 2002. Ace was the business manager for the Edna School District and worked in the Victoria ISD before that. A native of Cuero, his ninth grade English teacher says he is one of her "claims to fame" - alumna Ada Koenig Kirk, BA '43 (see class of 1943).

Joseph Libby, BA '85, directed and performed in A Night in Elsinore, a comedy version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, at the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theatre April 5th through May 11th. Appearing with Joe was Mary Bowlin-Brand, BA '91. Most of Joe's time is taken up with his ventriloquism and magic shows, including occasional UIW performances, but he still does theatre as his schedule allows. For more information check his website

Sister Margaret M. Padilla, BA '86 and Sister Veronica A Lucero, BM '89, have been featured prominently in the news for their efforts on behalf of the families of the victims as well as the mine workers in Mexico after the mine tragedy this winter.

Staff Sgt. Scott E Hill, USAF, BM '87, was working in the Pentagon on 9/11/01 and was one of our alumni who managed to get out safely. Lt. Col. Ray Green, USAF, BS '77 was another. Sadly, IWHS alumna Zandra Flores Plogger, IWHS '71 and her husband, Bob, were aboard the ill-fated American Airlines flight which crashed into the Pentagon. They were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Dr. Joseph Penn, St Anthony '83, BS '87, gave a new poster presentation, "Suicide Attempts and Self-Mutilative Behavior in a Juvenile Correctional Facility," and received an Eli Lily Pilot Research Award at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Hawaii last October.

Michael and Patrice Longer Gilsdorf, BA '88 and BA '91, are members of the Holy Spirit Parish in Duncanville, TX where the UIW Chorale gave a spring break concert in March. While the choir was there they were visited by alumna Sue Ann Reyna-Gonzalez, BS '91 and they had a reminder to attend the concert from alumna Philomena Mattingly, BSN '59. Mike is on the parish council and in the Knights of Columbus, Patrice teaches in the Sunday school and both work with engaged couples.

Brenda Ledgerwood Perry, BSN '89, e-mailed last National Nurses' Week to say how much she still loves what she does, including caring for her husband and four children. She appreciates what Incarnate Word offered her and said that many of the nurses she worked with at Christus Santa Rosa are also alumnae/i. Brenda and Clifton and family are now at Ranstein AFB in Germany where he is an Air Force Chaplain. "Germany is beautiful but San Antonio is special," she writes.


Melody Campbell-Goeken, BA '90, a 12-year public relations veteran, was appointed director of public relations of the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. Melody will oversee the public relations, marketing, advertising and promotions of the resorts food and beverage outlets - Windflower, The Hill Country Spa and the Hill Country Golf Club. Prior to this she was a public relations account manager for Atkins/Lord & Lasker, a full-scale advertising and public relations firm in San Antonio.

Geraldine Kay Howard Foster, BBA '90, MBA '00, is with UTSA in the Department of Economic Development and works for the Minority Business Development Center as a business development specialist. She assists minority-owned businesses with all aspects of running a small business.

Phyllis Gordon, MSN '90, a clinical nurse specialist in vascular surgery at University Hospital in San Antonio, was lauded by the UTHSC San Antonio for her studies testing whether the traditional recommendation to maintain a patient's chest drainage tube in a position free of dependent loops was valid. Her studies proved that these procedures, time-consuming for already busy nurses, really are beneficial to the patient and recovery.

Kurt Harding, BBA '90, is the owner of San Antonio's Stamp Center of Texas and was quoted in the San Antonio Express News on February 20, 2002 in an article on the problems of irradiating mail for stamp collectors.

Pamela Ann Jary Rosser, BA '90, has been married for eight years to Virgil Oliver Rosser IV and they have two daughters, Rachel Lucile and Ruth Cahill. Pam works (since 1989) with her mom, Mary Virginia Canales Jary, IWHS '61, owner of Restoration Associates Limited. St. Joseph's Church downtown was one of their many projects. Pam was appointed to the board of Los Compadres and her husband is Vice President of Money Management for Everen Securities.

Bernice Cavallero Shull, BA '90 and husband, Mike, have two boys, John and James and she longs for the time she can return for graduate work. Mike took classes at IWC and was a pitching coach for the Crusaders baseball team. His mom, Ellen, BA '72 and brother, Tim, BS '84 are alumni. Bernice also has a niece attending IWHS.

Mary Bowlin-Brand, BA '91, performed Osric and Voltimand in A Night in Elsinore, a comedy version of Hamlet, at the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theatre in May and June 2002. The comedy was directed by alumnus Joe Libby, BA '85.

Cindy Ann Bunnell Stout, BSN '91, was featured in the September 6, 2001 the El Paso Times. "A Day in the Life of a Cancer Fighter". Cindy is the oncology program manager for Del Sol Regional Oncology Center and has had this position for two years. A native of El Paso, Cindy went on to earn her MSN in 1994 from UT El Paso. She has been married for 10 years to Ron Stout, manager of the Del Sol Rehabilitation Center. They have two children, Summer and Nicholas.

Amir Batubara, BBA '92, e-mailed from Indonesia to send regards and say how much he hopes to have another chance to study in the US.

Tony, BA '92, and Asia Hales, BA '98 Ciaravino and daughter, Sophia, are heading back to San Antonio from Minneapolis.

Pat, Raegan and Sharon Kroll Ledbetter, '92, visit the campus from Arizona before Christmas
Pat, Raegan and Sharon Kroll Ledbetter, '92, visit the campus from Arizona before Christmas

Sharon Kroll Ledbetter, BA '92, MA '96, and her husband, Pat, and daughter, Raegan, visited the campus in 2001 from Las Vegas. She says hello to all.

Michelle Alma Quintero, BM '92, was featured in the October 15, 2001 San Antonio Express-News with the Los Parientes mariachi group, a group that has included three generations, starting with her grandfather, Pedro Moreno, Jr. Michelle started when she was 3 or 4, and became a full member when she was 10. She is now inactive and working on an advanced music degree.

Mary Evans Rhame, BA '92 and Laurie Fitzpatrick, BA '76, were in a San Antonio production of Kindertransport, a drama about children sent to a foster family in England at the outset of the Holocaust. It was staged at the Vexler Theatre of the Jewish Community Center.

Roger DeHoyos, BSN '93, worked for many years in the critical care and invasive cardiology areas after earning the CCRN and RCIS credentials. He is now the sales representative for the Cardiology Division of St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Rosalinda Garcia, BA '93, was appointed by Yale University as the Assistant Dean of Yale College and Director of the Latino and Native American Cultural Centers. Previously she had been assistant residence coordinator in Columbia University's Office of Residential Life and a doctoral candidate in Columbia's Teachers College.

Martin Gomez, BA '93, was the first fashion design collaborator for the late Selena Quintanilla Perez when her boutiques in Corpus Christi and San Antonio opened in 1994.

Yvette Paredes-Gonzales, BA '93, M.Ed. '00, is working on her master's in educational administration at Trinity University and is living in Castroville with her husband, Desi, and two sons. And they live seven houses down from alumna Estella Reyna Kierce (see 1965).

Sharon Green Rohde, IWHS '64, BBA '93, retired from USAA after a 24-year career. She has been an Allstate Insurance Company agent for six years. Her daughter, Carolyn Rohde Thomas graduated Cum Laude from UIW in 1999.

Debra J. McClure Perrett, M.Ed. '93, earned her doctorate in education administration at Texas A&M and is the Director of the Sunshine Cottage/UIW graduate program in deaf education and an adjunct UIW faculty member.

Dr. Keith Patrick Steinhurst, M.Ed. '93, is a medical student assigned to the Army Reserve to Darnall Army Community Hospital. His wife, Chanda D. Steinhurst, is a nurse in the Special Care Nursery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, TX and daughters Grace and Clara are doing well and, according to Keith, are IWHS bound.

Kenyon Anderson, BA '94, is a multimedia senior writer/producer for HNTB Corporation ( She was a featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and continues to freelance as a writer and actor, as well as completing her MA at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her children, Taege, 7, and Kellie, 4, keep her busy with PTA, Tae Kwon Do and dance classes.

Carolyn S. Bertoia, M.Ed. '94, was recognized for teaching excellence in the 2000-2001 Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Carolyn is with the Judson ISD.

Dawn Andrea Cleveland, BBA '94, is a Project Manager on the H-E-B team with Coca-Cola Bottling Company's division office in San Antonio. She monitors Coca-Cola's performance in its relationship with H-E-B.

Barbie Ann Marie Dunn
Barbie Ann Marie Dunn

Barbie Ann Marie Dunn, BA '94, was promoted last July to the position of Texas Editorial Supervisor for Business Wire. Barbie joined Business Wire in 1997 and oversees all editorial staff, operations and procedures for the three Texas newsrooms in San Antonio/Austin, Dallas and Houston. Prior to 1997 Barbie was a freelance writer in television and film, and a reporter and columnist for the San Antonio Express-News.

Latisha Campbell Flores, MA '94, finished her work as a missionary in Nicaragua, El Paso and Iowa and moved back home to Texas. She has been working with the outpatient clinics of Titus County Memorial Hospital for four years, the business manager for almost three. She is thankful for her grant writing experience at UIW. She met Salvador Flores in Mt. Pleasant at a little Hispanic Mission Church and they were married in December 2000.

Carol Frausto, BA '94, is looking forward to returning to UIW to finish her last four courses for her master's in education.

Desiree Kornrum-Byrne, BBA '94, is working away on her doctoral degree at UT Austin and is finishing up her hours and pulling together a dissertation committee. She should be ABD by May of 2003.

Robert K. Mitchell, BA '94, teaches fashion show production at UIW and his student shave done just that, on and off campus. The major production, however, is the official Fiesta event on campus, The Cutting Edge, the student fashion show and luncheon the Monday of Fiesta week.

Tamika R. Sanchez-Jones, MSN/MBA '94, teaches nursing at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta and received a two-year, $100,000 scholarship from the John H. Hartford Foundation to study the health practices and beliefs of older African Americans. A doctoral student, Tamika was one of only 17 scholars nationwide to receive the Geriatric Nursing Scholarship. Tamika commutes once a month to South Florida to study.

Rev. Gilbert A Pansza, BA '95, went back to school this summer at Creighton University working on another master's in Christian Spirituality and certification in spiritual direction and directed retreats. Gil earned an Award for Superior Scholastic Achievement on March 23, 2002.

Marisa Mata Tinajero, BBA '95, is married and living in North Carolina and works for General Dynamics Advanced Technology Systems as an export administrator. She misses San Antonio lots.

Dr. Anthony J Busti, BSN '96, graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Texas Tech University in 2001.

Ric Antonio Chavira, BA '96, has the featured role of Ramon in the HBO series Six Feet Under.

Gabriella Flores, BA '96, is Desktop Publisher for the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in the Generalate Building on Campus.

Susie Phillips Gonzalez, MA '96, is flattered by the summer issue of The Word, but she did not graduate from IWHS in 1991 or any other year.

Dr. Yvonne Justine Kreger-Lozano, BA '96, who gave up a professional career in dance to pursue a degree in biology and naturopathic medicine, is now seeing patients at the Main Street Clinic in Tigard, OR. Yvonne is married to theatre alumnus Jack Lozano, BA '96.

John Anthony Maldonado, BBA '96, is the assistant manager of the accounting department at North Park Lincoln-Ford in San Antonio and was voted employee of the year for 2000. He joined North Park in 1998. John is married to UIW alumna Lydia Medina, BA '95.

Ellen M. Murphy, BA '96, works for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Yokosuka, Japan and is very happy working overseas and traveling.

Ginger Wade Rhodes, BA '96, is in her sixth year of teaching third grade in San Antonio.

John M. Turner, BSN '96, is the owner of Advance Hi-Tech Nursing on Isom in San Antonio.

Michael T. Berger, MBA '97, has joined King Realtors of San Antonio and is the Office Manager. Michael worked in dispute resolutions in the telecommunications industry and continues as a business consultant for an international marketing and consulting firm. He is active with the World Affairs Council and the San Antonio Toastmasters as well as a member of the Technology Advocates of San Antonio and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.

Manuel Esquivel Jr., BBA '97, graduated in May 2001 with an MBA from Michigan State with concentrations in finance and supply chain management. In June he joined Intel Corporation as a senior financial analyst and moved his family to Phoenix and in his new job he is the consolidations analyst for all manufacturing fabs.

Kindra Nix, BA '97, is working for Connolly & Co. public relations and marketing on Broadway across from Central Market.

Daniel Dominic Savedra, BA '97, is a certified USPTA tennis professional and is now the Head Tennis Professional at the McAllen Country Club. This is where he took lessons as a junior player. Happy for him is his wife, alumna Jennifer M Whitney-Savedra, BM '97.

Justin A. Coquat, BA '98, is in his second year at the South Texas College of Law after earning a master's in legal studies at Southwest Texas State University. He plans to return to San Antonio. At UIW Justin ran cross-country and was VP of the SGA in 1997.

Robert Cuellar, Jr., BS '98, was featured in the San Antonio Express-News during a patient-activity session at Villa Serena where he works.

Jason W. Curnutt
Jason W. Curnutt

The late Jason W. Curnutt, BA '98, was featured in the summer issue of Heartlines of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. Jason died suddenly in his sleep in April of 1999 and his parents, Joy and Mike, remember a call asking if they would donate his bone and tissue so others may benefit. Only then did they discover that on his driver's license Jason had indicated that he wanted to be an organ donor. Jason is still missed, but he is remembered in a scholarship fund established by family and friends, and in a beautiful, growing tree planted on the front lawn of Brackenridge Villa.

Anel Flores, IWHS '94, BA '98, had her first solo art exhibition in San Antonio on March 2001 called A Woman: Alive and Exploding at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. It was a show of 32 pieces in various media depicting different stages in a woman's life. She also had an exhibition for the month of April at the San Antonio Main Library. Anel was featured in the March 25, 2001 issue of the San Antonio Express-News.

Lisa Marie Gonzales, BAAS '98, earned a master's degree in computer resource and human resources in 2001 and is a Lead Test Engineer/ Manager for a government contractor.

Sophia Gonzales Huante, BS '98, is working at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research as a research scientist assistant, and also expecting her first child.

David D. Johnson, BA '98, is settled in St Paul, MN, the idyllic Prairie Home Companion. After a year of teaching English at a Catholic school in San Antonio he decided to make the move to prepare to enter a religious order of priests and brothers. After a year as a novice he'll be off for three to four years at the Chicago Theological Union.

Kimberly Johnson, BS PE '98, is teaching history and coaching basketball and softball at Temple High School in Texas. She is on the alumni-networking network

Lisa M. Rangel, BA '98, works with the UIW Division of Institutional Advancement as a Federal grant writer.

John Duy Tran, BS '98, will soon be graduating from Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, CA and has already passed the Patent Bar Exam allowing him to become a patent attorney with his degree.

Dawn L. Bridgewater, IWHS '92, BA '99, is currently working on The Late Show with Dave Letterman but has also served as production assistant or location scout for a number of films: The Royal Tenenbaums, Don't Say a Word, Face, The Devil and Daniel Webster, Garmento, Mark Twain Prize, Kaa Rismo's Opening, Saturday Night's All Right, Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom. In 1999 Dawn worked for the San Antonio Film Commission and left for New York to be the circulation manager for Tennis Week magazine.

Elizabeth A. "Betsy" McCracken Callahan, BBA '99, represented the University on October 15, 2001 at the inauguration of the President Goodwin of the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Betsy's hometown.

Jenny Carnes, BBA '99, works for the San Antonio Sports Foundation and helped organize the 2002 NCAA Women's Final Four.

Rebecca Esparza, BBA '99, moved to Washington, D.C. to do independent public relations consulting. The Smithsonian National Museum of America is one of her clients and she would like to increase her contacts in the Washington area. (

Graciela Fuentes, BA '99, is an art major on the move with a review in The New Yorker magazine (Aug. 2001) of her photography show at Splendid, in Brooklyn. Each print shows a corner of her New York apartment with a slide of her childhood home, Monterrey, Mexico, projected onto it.

Martin E. Herrera, BSN '99, was mentored by the Fort Sam Houston Occupational Health Section of the Texas Association of Occupational Health Nurses during his final semester while he was working as a CCU nurse at Methodist Hospital. He's now in Tulsa, OK.

Carolyn Rohde Thomas, BA '99, is completing her third year teaching second grade at Montgomery Elementary School and is attending graduate school at UTSA.


Lisa Blazer, MAA '00, moved from UIW as director of financial assistance to UTSA for a similar position.

Susan EunSuk Chung, BS '00, has joined the Food and Drug Administration in Houston as a consumer safety officer. She'll be working with imports and exports.

Doug J. Contie, BBA '00, has opened his own marketing firm, Third Eye Promotions ( Doug saved the day last October when he found some hard-to-come-by American flags for a campus ceremony. Doug, who was also on the Crusader soccer team, is the son of alumna Margaret Mary Frost Contie, BA '71, a successful educator and author in the San Antonio area.

Lesley Harkins, BA '00, has joined the faculty of China Incarnate Word with alumna Ann Cowan, BA '01. Ann had been at the China school before she graduated and returned to continue her work. Lesley never dreamed as a freshman that she would be teaching in China a few years later. Lesley was active with Campus Ministry on campus and went on four alternative spring break trips to work with people in need. Her sister, Elva Harkins, is currently a UIW music therapy major.

Jose Antonio Hernandez, BBA '00, is attending the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI.

Martha Trevino Phelps
Martha Trevino Phelps

Martha L. Trevino Phelps, BA '00, is an assistant in UIW's Alumni Relations and is primarily responsible for the operation of the annual Phonathon.

Lindsey Voeltz, BS '00, was accepted into the Ph.D. program in medical physics at the UT Health Science Center and they were so happy with her preparation in nuclear medicine that they quickly accepted Cristina L. Zavaleta, BS '01, into the same program. Cristina was also the UIW School of Nursing and Health Professions choice for the 2001 Amy Freeman Lee Award.

Ann Marie Cowan, BA '01, is at China Incarnate Word teaching and loving it. In the fall she taught primary grades 1, 2 and 6 while giving extra activity lessons to kindergarten and middle school. She has an apartment on the 6th floor, so obviously lots of exercise and rest. Ann plans to marry this summer.

Brooke Ashley Hopkins, BA '01, a three-time soccer All-American, Brooke graduated as UIW's all-time leading scorer. The forward attended a weekend tryout camp with the WUSA New York Power this winter. Brooke received the invitation following her performance in the Umbro Select Combine held in Florida. She is a product of San Antonio's MacArthur High School.

Arnulfo Maldonado, BA '01, was named a Vilar Global Fellow in the Performing Arts at New York University and will receive a full scholarship and stipend for his master's degree in theatre.

Jason Starr, BA '01, is working on his master's degree in adult learning and plans to work for the Ph.D. in organizational leadership. He is also working on a master's in psychology via distance learning from Walden University.

John Saldivar, BA '02 (candidate) is already off and running in his fashion career work in New York for Oscar DelaRenta. Last summer John had rave reviews for his 40-piece collection shown in San Antonio at the AnArte Gallery, his professional debut.