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Gifts that touch lives and inspire greatness


Benefactor “Sarge” (center) supports UIW through two scholarships including the Sr. Alacoque Power Endowed Scholarship. Catelyn Vasquez ’09 (left) and Krissi Jacobs ’08 have received assistance from this scholarship

Many of our alumni tell us about the special people that touched their lives when they were students. How they succeeded because of that special gift or kind heart. Stories are recalled and time is suspended as the memories unfold.

Perhaps the most powerful gift you can give to another is the assistance to pursue their goals and complete a college education. These worthy recipients will go on to work in and contribute to their communities. They truly will be the leaders of Texas today and tomorrow.

An endowed scholarship set up through your will requires no financial outlay today, yet it provides a legacy to your values and memories and inspires students to reach their dreams.

With the many challenges we are facing in the current economy, the cost of higher education continues to be daunting for many of our students. We are doing all we can to manage educational expenses and support our students who do not have the financial resources to obtain their degrees. To learn more about creating a scholarship through your will, please call Diane Echavarria at (210) 829-6071 or visit

Are you on the list?

It’s not too late!

UIW is committed to reducing the human footprint on the environment, and now encourages donors to consider “giving green” by making donations online.

By giving to UIW, you are investing in an educational experience that promotes environmental responsibility. Starting this year, UIW invites alumni to consider giving green, which enables the university to cut down on waste and conserve resources.

Gifts received between June 1, 2008, and May 31, 2009, will be listed in the 2008-2009 online Honor Roll of Donors.

Your gift may serve the entire university through the Annual Fund, or you may select a specific area of interest.

To make your green gift to UIW, visit to fill out the secure giving form.

To view the 2008 Honor Roll of Donors, please visit