Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors: 1979

Thank you to those below who gave in FY 2008. Donors who have pledged will be recognized when their gifts are received.

Mrs. Barbara E. Townsend Barber
Ms. Kimberly Ann Brinster
Mrs. Janet Royder Bunge
Ms. Margaret Loudine Clair
Dr. Isaac Abiola Coker
Dr. Ellen Paula Crowley
Phil Lee Davis
Kathleen Felder Heath
Mrs. Sharon Ann James
Dr. Vivian H. Windsor-Kerr
Major James F. Maginot
Mrs. Karen A. Mainz
Mr. Shawn F. O'Donnell
Linda Louis Robertson-Schule
Amada C. Rodriguez
Aurora G. Sanchez
Ltc. Mary Alice Sanders
Judith Henn Schindler
Cecilia Pardo-Schult
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Semmes Waller
Mrs. Joan Elizabeth Shepack
Mrs. Marian G. Page Swellander
Mrs. Cynthia Flores Villarreal
Ltc. Ronald Leaming Weed (Ret.)
Peter Elliott Williams
Lila W. Woo