Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors: 1967

Thank you to those below who gave in FY 2008. Donors who have pledged will be recognized when their gifts are received.

Mrs. Gloria E. Adamez
Dr. Orval Raye Beason Adkins
Victoria K. Anthaume
Peggy J. Behrendt
Paulette R. Brient
Sr. Kathleen Coughlin
Mrs. Agnes T. Dunphy Monahan
Sandra K. Finger
Mrs. Margaret I. Garcia
Teresa L. Harmon
Grace Magliolo Heffron
Col. Luciana M. Jarma
Mrs. Rosemary Dierlam Keller-Sanders
Susan L. Kennedy-Paparelli
Yira Virginia Kam Korte
Catherine C. Martin
Dottie Christen Mensik
Dr. Leta Kay Menton
Mrs. Stella K. Miller
Mary O'Brien
Sr. Michele P. O'Brien
Mrs. Aida Gonzalez Perales
Mrs. Bernice Stasny Purcell
Ma Luisa Shaffer Jackson
Mary Majie Takas
Trudy G. Vering
Margene Ann Wise