Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors: 1964

Thank you to those below who gave in FY 2008. Donors who have pledged will be recognized when their gifts are received.

Mrs. Rosalina M. Ayala
Mrs. Celeste Robbins Barron
Dr. Nancy J. Beissner Lucas
Sylvia Ann Biever
Sr. Mary Veronica Drugan
Sr. Dorothy H. Ettling
Estela Flores
Mary Lou Freiheit
Ann Josephine Fasci Garcia
Mrs. Eugenia W. Goldman
Constance Mary Granato
Martha Klein Grant
Mary A. Guajardo
Mrs. Carol Ann F. Hobrecht
Mary E. Jansen Hunter
Sr. Carol Ann Jokerst
Dora F. Longoria
Margaret A. Moody Hayes Obringer
Mrs. Tomasa Chacon Ramirez
Sr. Elizabeth Riebschlaeger
Christine Barber Rothe
Dr. Dianna J. Tison
Mrs. Julia Tung Tsai
Mrs. Patricia McShane Wallace
Honora Marie P. Walsh
Janice Moss Wendt
Diane Barron Weynand