Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors: 1959

Thank you to those below who gave in FY 2008. Donors who have pledged will be recognized when their gifts are received.

Margaret Gardiner Burke
Mrs. Leticia Cuellar
Mrs. Rosario Cuellar
Mrs. Barbara Lucille Elbel Hill
Mrs. Carolyn Albrecht Farmer
Nicola La Verne Frey
Sr. Norma Rosa Garcia
Zoila B. Gomez
Mrs. Dorothy G. Higuera Giammona
Mrs. Rose Lee Linnartz Hoelscher
Mary Agnes Kutac
Mrs. Barbara Moore Lyssy
Constance Luby Meyer
Mrs. Janice Heye Payer
Manuelita Gutierrez Pena
Anna Marie Quimby
Mrs. Edna Riddle-Hausman
Gloria Rodriguez
Dr. Caroline Spana
Mrs. Janet E. Wead Taylor
Dr. Judy Kuan Young