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Nov 18th, 2013 | Category: University Collective

Ambrose, AdrienneDr. Adrienne Ambrose, assistant professor of religious studies, received a research grant from the Wabash Center for her project “Made in the USA: Marian Holy Cards, 1930-1950.” The grant funded a week-long visit to study the holy card collection at the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, as well as time to begin drafting an article for publication.

Foglesong, Paul 'David'Dr. David Foglesong, professor of biology, gave an invited talk entitled “Environmental Sources of Pathogenic Microbes and Antimicrobial Substances” at the 6th Oxford Round Table Forum on Critical Public Issues held at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. from July 28 through August 1.

choat_christopherDr. Christopher Choat, assistant clinical professor of optometry, has been recognized as the American Academy of Optometry’s 48th Low Vision Diplomate at the academy’s most recent meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. According to the American Academy of Optometry, the low vision section sets a high standard of clinical, education and research competency and knowledge for optometrists concentrating in the area of low vision via the Diplomate Program. Attaining Diplomate status is a rigorous  process, requiring multiple years of low vision case reporting, optics testing, ocular disease testing, a practical examination, and an oral examination. Forty-eight optometrists worldwide have attained this distinction, with only two in the State of Texas.

Ettling, Sr. DorothySr. Dorothy Ettling, CCVI, director of the Center for Civic Leadership and co-founder of Women’s Global Connection, and Dr. Jessica Ibarra, assistant professor of biology and founder of FIGHT (Families in Grief Healing Together), were honored by the San Antonio Business Journal as prominent women in leadership.

James Borders, assistant professor of art, exhibited his cast metal sculpture entitled “Smooth Bolus Series #27” at the K Space Contemporary Gallery as part of the Texas Atomic Iron Commission’s iron show in Corpus Christi, May 3-June 21. He was invited by Elizabeth Kronfeld, program and graduate director at Borders’ alma mater Rochester Institute of Technology, to participate in an iron pour at the Keen Foundry in Houston in July. Borders also partnered with craftsmen from Louisiana and Arkansas in a collaborative project to create ornamental molds to symbolize local Louisiana/Arkansas culture.

Fike, ReneaDr. Renea Fike, assistant professor, Dreeben School of Education, co-authored two articles published this fall: “A Multilevel Analysis of the Association of Class Schedule with Student Outcomes in Community College Developmental Math,” published in “Community College Journal of Research and Practice,” by Fike, D.S. and Fike, R. (2013); and “Qualities of an Ideal Teacher: The Student Perspective,” published in “The Texas Forum of Education,” by Zhang, S., Fike, D.S., and Fike, R. She will be presenting at the College Academic and Support Programs (CASP) conference in Amarillo, Texas in October. The presentation is “The Benefits of First Semester Enrollment in Developmental Mathematics.”

Grote.GarciaDr. Stephanie Grote-Garcia, assistant professor of teacher education, recently received an award for her teaching practices from CREATE. CREATE is a consortium of The University of Houston System, The Texas State University System, and The University of Texas System and works toward providing opportunities for professionals to explore issues related to teacher preparation. Grote-Garcia will be recognized for this achievement in Austin during the November CREATE conference.

Margaret Mitchell, professor of theatre arts, has been appointed to the Publications Board of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). She also has been appointed vice chair for publications for the International Commission of USITT. She co-chaired the session “Shakespeare at the Sewing Machine” at the World Stage Design (WSD) Conference in Cardiff, Wales in September. Her designs for UIW’s production of “The Tempest” were displayed in a digital exhibition and published in the WSD 2013 catalog.

Lopita.NathDr. Lopita Nath, professor of history, has been selected to participate in the seven day Eleventh Orientation Course on Forced Migration Studies, December 8-14, in Kolkata, India.

CCynthia S. Escamilla photoynthia Escamilla, UIW general counsel, has been named one of San Antonio’s best lawyers by S.A. Scene. As a result of a peer review survey for S.A. Lawyers: Best of 2013, Escamilla appeared under the category of In-house Counsel.

Dr. Osman Ozturgut, assistant professor of doctoral studies, Dreeben School of Education, conducted two workshops on developing cultural competency during the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Summer Training Institute in June. He conducted a webinar this summer for AEA, and will be conducting an eStudy on the same topic. His co-facilitator is Dr. Cindy Crusto, associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. Ozturgut also facilitated a workshop on Action Research for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Conference in Chicago. His co-facilitators included Dr. Marcos Oliveira , associate professor of pharmacy instruction, Feik School of Pharmacy, and Laura Fox, assistant dean for professional and student affairs and professor of pharmaceutics at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. Ozturgut in addition co-authored a chapter with Dr. Deborah Stiles of Webster University, “The Personal aspirations and cherished ideals of Muslim adolescents living in Norway and Singapore” in an edited book published by the University of Hong Kong and Information Age. His book chapter, “Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures in Education,” has been published in Education in China: An Encyclopedic Handbook of Educational History, Models, and Initiatives.

Pines, EulaDr. Eula W. Pines, associate professor of nursing, received the Jewels with a Purpose Award for her work in the commitment to serving people infected with HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS at BEAT AIDS, a community-based HIV/AIDS organization. Commissioner Paul Atkins presented Pines with the award on Aug. 23 at a community event. In addition, Pines presented “Outcomes of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Reducing the Impact of Traumatic Stress in HIV Positive Women with Histories of Childhood Trauma” at the United States Conference on AIDS in New Orleans, La.

Vincent Rodriguez has been named Chief of Staff at UIW. Rodriguez will be the primary point of assistance and principal professional aide to the president while continuing to manage the communications flow of the President’s Office. He will work closely with the president and executive council to shape and manage the strategic agenda for UIW, including developing presidential action plans and objectives, tracking related projects, and advising the president on their status. He will also direct the day-to-day operations of the President’s Office. Rodriguez joined UIW in 2000 as Assistant to the President/Communications.

Risku, Michael 1Harding, LetitiaIn January, Dr. Michael Risku, professor of teacher education, and Dr. Letitia Harding, assistant professor of English, published a book entitled “Education for Tomorrow: A Biocentric, Student-focused Approach to Education Reform” through the international academic publishing house Sense Publishers.

Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Diaz, assistant professor of optometry, has been published in the Summer Edition of the “Journal of Optometric Education.” The title of her article is “Integration of Student-Centered Instructional Strategies in the Clinical Anatomy Laboratory: Insights from a Pilot Study Involving Optometry Students.” This study evaluated the effects of different interactive strategies in student motivation and in learning outcomes within the context of the clinical anatomy laboratory.

Sharpe, AmandaDr. Amanda Sharpe, assistant professor of pharmacy instruction, published “Rats Selectively Bred for Differences in Aerobic Capacity Have Similar Hypertensive Responses to Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia” in the “American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology,” 305:H403-409, Aug. 1. Co-authors were Sharpe A.L.; Andrade M.A.; Herrera Rosales, M.; Britton, S.L.; Koch L.G.; and Toney GM. She alsopublished “Food Restriction Increases Glutamate Receptor-Mediated Burst Firing of Dopamine Neurons” in the “Journal of Neuroscience,” e-published ahead of print, Aug. 2. Co-authors were Brach, S.Y.; Goertz, R.B.; Sharpe A.L.; Pierce J.; Roy, S.; Ko, D.; Paladini, C.A.; Beckstead, M.J. Sharpe attended the 2013 American College of Clinical Pharmacy (AACP) Teachers Seminar in Chicago, Ill., on July 13. She volunteeredas a Summer Reading Buddy with San Antonio Youth Literacy, June-August.

Dr. Shishu Zhang, assistant professor of business administration, co-authored with doctoral student Shuenn Hae Ou the article, “The Effect of Inflation on Domestic Migrant Worker Households in China,” which was presented at the Western Social Science Association 55th Annual Meeting, Denver, Colo., April 10-13. She has also published, “Health Status and Portfolio Choice for Elder People, in the “Journal of Business and Economics,” issue 4, 302-319, 2013.

Ramsinghani-ALFP commencement

Lucinda L. Maine (left), AACP executive vice president and CEO, and Dr. Arcelia Johnson-Fannin (right), founding dean of the FSOP, present a program certificate to Ramsinghani (center). Photo by Dr. Johnnie Early

Each year, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) names 30 Academic Leadership Fellows and five dean facilitators from a nationwide pool of applicants. For 2012-2013, AACP named Dr. Sushma Ramsinghani, assistant dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a fellow. The program is designed to develop the nation’s most promising pharmacy faculty university collective for leadership roles in academic pharmacy and higher education. Ramsinghani received a certificate for program completion at the AACP Annual Meeting in July. She was additionally recognized with a commemorative globe at the fall Feik School of Pharmacy (FSOP) all-school meeting on Aug. 1.