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Nov 15th, 2010 | Category: University Collective

Dr. Greg Soukup (from left); His Excellency Khalil Ibrahim Al Jaber, secretary general of the Olympic Committee; and Dr. Tim Henrich, along with Al Jaber’s daughters.

This past summer, Dr. Greg Soukup, assistant professor of kinesiology,  and Dr. Tim Henrich, professor of kinesiology, traveled to Qatar for the Anniversary Congress of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance, a Group A member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Henrich serves as vice president for North America and commissioner of the Physical Education Division. Soukup was elected general secretary for North America and associate commissioner of Physical Education Division. Each published several articles for the congress along with colleagues Heather Barton-Weston, instructor of kinesiology, and Dr. Bill Carleton, professor of kinesiology.

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