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IWC/UIW Presidents

Key to the success of Incarnate Word over the years has been the support of community partnerships, and brilliant, visionary academic leadership.  The brief tenure of Bishop Mariano Simon Garriga as the first president of Incarnate Word was followed by the 37-year tenure of Sister Columkille Colbert, CCVI, and the 10-year term of Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg.  Following Dr. Greenburg were the brief terms of Dr. Sterling Wheeler, who served as interim president from 1970 to 1971, and Dr. Earl Jones.  In addition, Sister Alocoque Power, CCVI, served as acting president for a short period in 1972.

Those terms were followed by the 13-year tenure of Sister Margaret Patrice Slattery, CCVI, and the current term of Dr. Louis J. Agnese, Jr., a native of Brooklyn, NY who was inaugurated the eighth president of Incarnate Word in 1986.