Long Distance Form

Request for Long Distance Access Code
And/Or Travel AT&T Calling Card

AT&T is the long distance carrier the University has chosen for ALL telephone lines, fax & modem numbers.  No other long distance carrier is authorized. All requests for any type of telephone or communications MUST be processed first through the Office of the Comptroller.  The use of long distance codes for personal use is prohibited.  Advise employees & faculty to use their own personal calling cards for personal long distance calls while they are on duty.  Each Department Head must authorize each new staff or faculty member’s request for a long distance code or travel calling card.  Students are not to be issued a long distance code. Long distance codes are confidential and must never be shared.  Each department pays the charges for all assigned codes.  If an employee or faculty member leaves, the Secretary of the Comptroller must be notified immediately, this also applies to if the confidentiality of a code is jeopardized.  It takes 24-48 hours to cancel a code and travel card.  The only authorized calling cards for outside long distance (off campus) are AT&T calling cards.

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