IR Information Request

Institutional Research utilizes student records to provide summary-level statistics for federal and state reporting, as well as for release to University administrators and offices as needed for official use.  IR may also provide unit-level data for federal and state reporting and for official use as needed by university administrators and other offices.

If you need information beyond what is available through the IR website or information initiatives, please complete the IR INFORMATION REQUEST located below.  Provide detail concerning required information, timespan of information, timeline of project, and purpose.  When possible, please attach a copy of any documentation containing methodologies and tables/charts.  If this request is to be repeated (e.g., benchmark tables for a grant), please notate the frequency required.

All requests outside of the University and not part of standard reporting requirements (e.g., IPEDS or ICUT) must be approved by the University Registrar to ensure compliance with FERPA regulations.  Please note that these requests are completed only after all official business has been completed.  These requests are are guided by policies addressed in the Freedom of Information Act and may be subject to processing and delivery fees.

The IR Staff is sensitive to both privacy of information and the University’s need to adequately evaluate student and program success.  Therefore, IR follows University policy for the release of information.  Please note:  The IR Staff does not enter or edit information directly on the main university database (Sungard Banner).

Dissemination of information from IR is dependent upon the requestor’s needs and capabilities.  Some requests may require secure access to DASH, the IR shared drive, or ARGOS.  Please note:  Any state or federal report requiring the use of SSNs are transferred only through secure FTP connections/portals.

The IR Staff understands the need for data in a timely manner.  Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the processing of all information requests.  In cases where additional time and coordination are needed (e.g., composing a new script or dashboard), the request will be evaluated and assessed accordingly.


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