For additional information not outlined below, please view the SafeConnect FAQ Page

What is SafeConnect?
SafeConnect is a replacement for the existing Bradford NAC system and will enable the University to ensure that network devices maintain a standardized security baseline, including antivirus and operating system service packs.  The result will be a more secure, reliable, and predictable IT operating system and network infrastructure that is easy and cost-effective to maintain.

What can I do to prepare for the SafeConnect rollout?
In order to help make this a smooth transition, please download and install the SafeConnect Policy Key as soon as possible. The installation process takes about a minute and is very straightforward.

To download the SafeConnect Policy Key Client for your operating system click on one of the following links: Windows PolicyKey or Mac PolicyKey (Intel Mac Only); PowerPC-based Macs and Linux systems do not require the Policy Key.

Installing the file now will make you prepared for when SafeConnect is enabled on our network. You do not need to be connected to the University network to install the software and the software is only required for computers that will be used on the UIW network.

What can I expect when SafeConnect is enabled on my network?

If you have previously installed the SafeConnect Policy Key Client you will:

  • Automatically be prompted to authenticate to SafeConnect
  • Enter your UIW username and password
  • Receive a confirmation message that you have successfully authenticated

If you have NOT previously installed the SafeConnect Policy Key Client you will:

  • Notice common applications (such as email, IM, etc.) are not working as expected
  • Launch a web browser
  • When prompted, authenticate by entering your UIW Network username and password
  • When prompted, download and install the Policy Key Client
  • Receive a confirmation message when you have successfully authenticated

How is SafeConnect different from the Bradford NAC?

  • SafeConnect requires software called the SafeConnect Policy Key Client to be installed on both Windows and Mac computers
  • SafeConnect continually assesses your computer to ensure it meets the minimum security standards
  • SafeConnect will require more frequent logins

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