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Please submit all requests for service, change in lines, or replacement/additional equipment via the Phone Equipment/Line Request Form.

Avaya Phone
Avaya Phone
  • How to use your University Telephone:
    • To get an outside line, Dial “9″
    • To reach the Switchboard, dial “6000″
    • To call or fax on campus, the last four digits of any number can directly reach any extension
    • To transfer a call, press “Trnsfr”, dial destination, announce call if desired, press “Trnsfr” again. Hang up.
    • To temporarily redirect calls (call forwarding), press “Feature”, dial “*2″. Dial extension where calls are to be sent.  Listen for confirmation. Hang up.
    • To cancel fall forwarding, press “Feature”. Dial cancel code “*2″.
  • Full Avaya Manual
  • Quick Avaya Guide
  • Long Distance Codes
    AT&T is the long distance carrier the University has chosen for ALL telephone lines, fax and modem numbers.  No other long distance carriers are authorized. For a long distance code or travel calling card, submit a “Long Distance Form” (located here).  Veronica Castillo, Secretary to the Comptroller, will reply to your request.
  • For information on accessing your campus voice mail, please view the following Voice Mail User’s Guide
  • Conference Calls from your Avaya desk phone can accommodate up to 6 parties.  For instructions on how to setup a conference call from your desk phone, please view the instructions here.
  • If you require a conference phone for your next meeting, please use the Conference Phone Setup Request Form.
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