Printing and Copying

The Media Center offers an Express Printing Station for students who need to print on the go.

Express Printing Station

Express Printing Station in the Media Center

Printing and Copying Fees

The Media Center Lab features the GoPrint Paystation to facilitate printing and payment.

  • The GoPrint system was selected to enable UIW students to pay for each page printed. This initiative has been successful in reducing wasted paper and the large expense associated with printing supplies.
  • GoPrint allows students to preview documents prior to printing.
  • GoPrint allows students use their student ID as a debit card to prepay copies
  • Students can add money to their card in increments of $1.00 to $20.00. This can be accomplished on the first floor of the library in the Reserve Reading Room.
Printing Fees*
Letter (81/2×11) Black and White 05¢ Per page
Color 50¢ Per page
Photo Quality Paper $1.00 Per page
Tabloid (11X17) Black and White $1.50 Per page
Color $3.00 Per page
Super B (16×14) Black and White $2.00 Per page
Color $4.00 Per page
Transparencies Black and White $1.00 Per page
Color $1.50 Per Page
Large Format (Over 17″ wide) Color $5.00/ Square Foot

*Fees can change without notice

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