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Key Tech Tools for Students:  
  • Student Email ( – Your UIW email account, called CardinalMail, is powered by Microsoft’s Live@Edu. It has all the features of Microsoft Outlook on the web, including calendar, contacts, and 7GB of storage. CardinalMail is the official form of electronic communication between UIW and you – plan on checking it often.

    Technology for Students

    UIW Students rely on technology in all facets of their academic life.

  • Dormitory Phones click here to access phone guides for retrieving/creating messages, forward call, etc…
  • Mobile App – download the Mobile App for iOS devices or Android:
  • Student Portal ( – Your student portal, called myWord, provides single sign-on access to most of the academic tech tools you will use at UIW (e.g., CardinalMail, Blackboard, Bannerweb, etc.) as well as social sites such as Facebook. The portal also provides easy access to student account and course information.
  • Student Learning Management System ( – UIW’s LMS, called Blackboard, provides you with access to course syllabi as well as other features faculty may choose to include, such as assignments, discussion boards, online quizzes, video lecture capture, etc.
  • Student Information/Online Registration System ( - UIW’s student information system, called Bannerweb, allows you to register for classes online, check grades, view the course catalog, etc.
  • Student Cloud Resources ( – Students have access to UIW’s private cloud, called Stoneware, which provides them with access to the latest Microsoft Office suite of programs and network storage anywhere, anytime.
  • Student Emergency Notification System ( – Students can opt in to UIW’s emergency notification system, called Rave Alert, which gives students the ability to receive messages to their cell phones via text message and/or voicemail. Sign up for this free service today!
  • Student wireless network - Students have access to wireless internet connectivity across the entire campus. In classrooms, the library, and indoor/outdoor gathering spaces, most students will want to select the uiw-connect network connection. Students living on-campus will want to connect to the apogee network when they are in their residence halls or apartments.
 Other Tech Info for Students:
Discounts for Students:

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