OU Campus: Taking the UIW Web Site to the Next Level

oucampus_logoThis spring, UIW’s web team is leading two significant projects that will redefine our UIW web presence: implementing a new content management system, or CMS, and redesigning our web site to be responsive, making it more visually attractive and useful over a range of screen sizes, including phones and tablets.

We’ve outgrown our current content management solutions, Adobe’s Contribute and WordPress.  We will be replacing them with OU Campus, a CMS tailored to the needs of higher education.

The product’s maker, OmniUpdate (http://omniupdate.com/), is a leader in the marketplace, serving more than 750 educational institutions in the United States and Canada.

Its selection was the result of a seven month process last summer and fall, during which more than a dozen companies were evaluated, with the CMS selection committee comprising 18 faculty and administrators coming to a unanimous decision that OU Campus was the best product to meet our needs.

OU Campus will allow our web team greater functionality in updating the templates used to build our web pages, while allowing our content coordinators – those faculty and staff who update pages on behalf of their departments – to employ features currently unavailable to them.

A few of the exciting new features with OU Campus include:

  • Content coordinators can access site-wide image galleries, allowing them to include more high quality photos on their pages,
  • They will be able to insert “re-useable” assets across the site; the re-usable assets, like the university’s Mission Statement, are maintained in a central repository, and – if updated in the repository –are updated site-wide,
  • Content coordinators can drag and drop assets like files and photos into the system from the desktop to make their work easier,
  • And, workflows and approvals will also be streamlined using OU Campus.

The OU Campus implementation also will allow content coordinators to edit their web sites from within a web browser, without the need for any additional software to be installed. This will allow our web team to devote more time focusing on the quality of the content on our site, and working with our content coordinators to make their sites better.

When the new content management system is launched in September, the site will also feature a new look.

The redesign will focus on delivering the audiences for our web site – prospective and current students, faculty and staff, and alumni  – to the information they have come to the site for more quickly.

Web Development and a redesign committee are working with award-winning local design company Giles-Parscale to make the new site a reality.

Information sessions on OU Campus will be held in early May, to assist content editors in planning for the transition.

For more information on OU Campus, or the transition, please contact Troy Knickerbocker in Web Development, at troyk@uiwtx.edu or extension 5815.

As always, you may reach out to me with questions and/or concerns; I may be reached at danduffy@uiwtx.edu or extension 3959.

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