IR Report: Dan Duffy Welcome Message

Duffy210114Good day, Incarnate Word! I’m Dan Duffy, the new Vice President for Information Resources, and I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I am fortunate to be joining the University to lead the Information Resources division (IRD) which is comprised of the dedicated and talented staff in the J.E. & L.E. Mabee Library, Institutional Research, Information Technology, and Web Development.

First, thank you to everyone who has made me feel so very welcome. The University has welcomed me with open arms, with the community freely giving of their time and perspectives on how to best lead and support the innovate vision of our institution going forward. My sincere thanks!

My experience in higher education is rooted in Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment Management. I later moved into both administration and faculty roles at private and public institutions including Suffolk University (MA), Bentley University (MA), Dean College (MA), University of Washington (WA), Seattle University (WA) and Bellevue College (WA). I’ve also worked in the corporate and government sectors, but my passion has always brought me back to higher education.

I am thrilled to be joining an institution that has achieved the success and growth that you all have achieved. Over the first few weeks, I have been engaging campus stakeholders to learn both your perspective on our IRD services and to better understand your department/divisional goals going forward. Although it has only been two weeks, I can already appreciate the collaborative, innovative and supportive culture at Incarnate Word. I seek to continue to grow the existing positive IRD partnerships with students, faculty and staff across our multiple campuses, both physical and virtual. Whether it is a Library, Information Technology, Web Development or Institutional Research opportunity, I want our IRD team to exceed your expectations and to be a valued partner in your individual and our institutional success.

In my short time here, I’ve quickly learned that UIW is a dynamic institution and there are many exciting initiatives on campus. While I’ve only scratched the surface in discovering the many uses of information resources by students, faculty, and staff, I strongly believe that opportunities abound for continued successful innovation. The Library has broadened and deepened our engagement with academic departments. In our increasingly digital world, we seek to continue to develop opportunities for the Library to thrive as the academic heart of our institution. The Institutional Research team has partnered with folks from all areas of campus to develop a critical information portal; but we already have goals of growing our knowledge capabilities to meet the expanding needs of UIW decision makers. The Web Development team has engaged stakeholders across our campuses in rolling out a new Content Management System (CMS) to empower us to more easily and quickly communicate through our websites while we also continue to mobile-enable our University processes. While we have implemented a significant number of administrative systems to assist departments in managing the operations of the institution, we have opportunities to increase our utilization of these systems such that we work smarter and not harder.  Additionally, as we grow our governance frameworks, we seek to increase transparency, provide stakeholder input early in the decision making processes, and foster innovative usage of our services, systems and data. And there are many, many more examples of opportunities for success.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the community’s engagement with, and support for, the University’s Mission. In conversations with Sisters, students, faculty, administrators and staff, it is heart-warming to hear the important role that the mission plays in our institution; not only in our region, but nationally and internationally through our sister schools, partner institutions and those who experience Incarnate Word through our Extended Academic Programs. Incarnate Word truly has a global footprint, and my commitment is to leverage the power of our information resources to support our learning, teaching and research goals, wherever possible.

Getting to know San Antonio has also proved to be welcoming experience; people greet one another with a smile and hello, and – when they learn I am in the process of relocating – offer best wishes, encouragement, and sometimes even a recommendation for a good place to eat.

I’m appreciative of everyone whom I have met over the past two weeks. I’m excited to continue to get to know my team and the community. I look forward to continuing a campus conversation so please check back regularly to the IRD website ( Like many of your sites, our website will be changing and growing to better support you.  I welcome the opportunity to work with each of you; if we haven’t met, please feel free to give me a call, drop me a note, or say “hello” on campus. I may be reached at, or by phone at ext. 3959.

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