Presidential Teaching Award

Criteria and Process

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Established by the Faculty Senate in Fall 2004 upon the recommendation and support of President Dr. Lou Agnese, this annual award acknowledges and rewards an individual who exemplifies excellence in teaching that leads to student engagement.  Announcement of the recipient of this award will occur at the Faculty Appreciation Luncheon.

Eligibility and Criteria

  1. To be eligible for this award, the nominee must be teaching full time in the semester nominated and nominated on the official Nomination Form.
  2. The primary characteristic the judges will consider is “an extraordinary dedication to teaching,” which should be demonstrated by excellence in the following areas:
    1. Impact and involvement with students
    2. A teaching approach that encourages student engagement

Nomination Process

  1. Nominees may be submitted by colleagues, current students, or alumni.  Nomination forms are available on-line at the UIW web site or on paper from the Faculty Senate via e-mail attachment.
  2. Nominations must be accompanied by a rationale stating why the nominee is deserving of the award.  Without this rationale, the nomination will be ineligible.
  3. Nominations may be submitted online or to the Office of the Provost (Box 301) or e-mailed to with the Subject: Presidential Teaching Award Nomination.
  4. Nominations open February 1, 2016, and close February 29, 2016. 
  5. Nominations will be forwarded to the Senate Executive Committee who will check for eligibility, collate nominations, and notify all those nominated so that they may complete the candidacy process if they wish to do so.

Candidate requirements

  1. Each candidate must submit a current vita and a short statement (no more than two pages) addressing the following areas:
    1. Teaching philosophy
    2. Methods to engage students
    3. Examples of professional accomplishments of which you are most proud
  2. Nominee materials must be submitted to the Provost's office by March 21, 2016.  Only complete packets will be forwarded for review.

Selection process

  1. A selection committee comprised of the Provost, a Representative from the Office of Mission and Ministry, and the Past Piper Professor (Texas) Awardees, and the recipient(s) of this award will review all nominee materials.  The chairperson of this committee will be a faculty member selected by the committee at its first meeting.
  2. The committee will review all submitted files and will forward three names to the President for final selection. 
  3. Announcement of the final selection will be made at the Faculty Appreciation Luncheon on April 19, 2016.

The Award

The individual awarded the Presidential Teaching Award will receive  $5,000, a stipend given by Dr. Agnese.  Like other such awards, this award is presented to an individual once; recipients become members of the Selection Committee in succeeding years.

Previous Awardees

2005 - Dr. Roger Barnes
2006 - Mr. William Gokelman
2007 - Dr. Neeta Singh
2008 - Dr. William Carleton
2009 - Ms. Teresa M. Tiggeman
2010 - Dr. Paul M. Lewis
2011 - Dr. Lydia Andrade
2012 - Dr. Jessica C. Kimmel
2013 - Dr. Douglas A. Gilmour
2014 - Dr. Brian McBurnett
2015 - Dr. Scott Ditloff