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In order to ensure consistency in both the look and navigational elements of UIW web pages, the Office of Web Development has created three templates to aid in the development of pages for the www.uiw.edu web site. They include:

One Column Template


The one column template facilitates stand alone pages, on which no departmental navigation or associated links are required.

The one column template:
one column

Two Column Template


The two column template is the most commonly employed template on the www.uiw.edu web site, facilitating navigation on the left side of the page, with specific departmental content within the right column.

The two column template:

two columns


two columns

Three Column Template


The three column template is designed to facilitate the most complex web sites, and offers three distinct content areas for departmental sites.

The three column template:

three columns

three columns

The templates ensure that the official university colors, page widths, and certain navigational elements appear on each web page, via the use of common header and footer elements.