Graphic and Web Style Guide

Student Organization Logo Usage and Departmental Logos

Student Organization Logo Usage

    • Student organizations may create a separate logo that reflects the club/organization’s mission. 
    • They must follow normal Campus Life approval procedures.
    • The university logo must be used in a prominent location on the item (example: university logo on sleeve of t-shirt.) 
    • All logo guidelines remain intact.  Logo usage must still be approved in the normal fashion. 

Student Organization Business Cards

    Approved or otherwise authorized University Student Organizations may utilize business cards for officers in their organization under the following guidelines:

    • Student organizations may use their organization logo on business cards, but the logo must be approved in advance by Paul Ayala, Director of University Events & Student Programs in the office of Campus Life and be consistent with the University Style Guide and Branding Guidelines.
    • All unused business cards must be returned by the end of the academic year to Paul Ayala, Director of University Events & Student Programs in the office of Campus Life.
    • A student representing an organization can order no more than 250 business cards.
    • Student organizations may not use any UIW trademark or logo on their business card, absent an exception.


Departmental Logos

Departmental logos can be used by any official division, school, department or program of the University of the Incarnate Word. They may not be used for student organizations.

  • They may be used in any of the approved color formats on the branding site (
  • The font used in the departmental logo is Times New Roman in all caps. The only exception is lower case italics for “of” and related text.
  • The UIW logos must be given a spacing of no less than .25” from other unrelated text or graphics so as not to dilute the image of the logo. There is to be no overlapping of the logo with another objects nor any tangential connection to such either.
  • The logos are not to be placed over any backgrounds (colors, patterns or textures) that may make it difficult to discern the logo from said background.


Acceptable Variations
dept circle logosub dept circle logo

circle dept logo 2

sub dept circle logo2

horizontal dept logo


Unacceptable Examples of Departmental Logos

bad logo 1


bad logo 2


bad logo 3


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