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Contact Information


Although this guide addresses most  commonly asked questions, it is not exhaustive. The Offices of Public Relations, Printing Services and Graphic Design, and Web Development are resources for the  university community to assist with the development of materials for external and internal distribution.


Office of Public Relations, ext. 6001

The PR staff provides the  university community with writing, editing, event planning and marketing  consultation services. When submitting a project for editing, please allow four business days for turn-around time.


If you have any questions, contact:      


Office of Printing Services and Graphic Design, ext. 3957

The Printing Services and Graphic  Design staff provide the university community with printing and design  services.

All projects must be submitted via the downloadable request form.


If you have any questions, contact: Mike Hood, director of printing services and graphic design, at hood@uiwtx.edu


Office of Web Development, ext. 5818

The Office of Web Development oversees the university's external web presence, creating new content, maintaining existing content and ensuring all content is updated regularly.


The Office  of Web Development also conducts training sessions for faculty, administrators  and staff wishing to learn web page design. Larger classes are conducted semi-annually,  and smaller sessions – including one-on-one training – are available year round and may be arranged by contacting the Office of Web Development.


If you have any questions, contact  Troy Knickerbocker, director of web development and the Web Team, at webteam@uiw.edu.