Study Abroad

Study Abroad Incentive Fund

Study Abroad Faculty Support for Credit-related Programs (Classes)

  • Faculty members (full-time) who complete a faculty led study abroad program of 7 or more days in duration with students who enroll in a credit bearing course that entails a study abroad component will be funded up to $1,000 after the completion of the program.
  • Up to 3 faculty members may receive the full $1,000 incentive. If more than 3 faculty members participate in the program, a total of $3,000 will be split among them evenly.
  • Shorter term programs of 3 to 6 days in duration qualify the faculty member for up to $500. Up to 3 full-time faculty members may receive the full $500 incentive. If more than 3 faculty members participate in the program, a total of $1,500 will be split among them evenly.
  • The minimum student-faculty ratio is 8:1 in order to receive the full incentive. Incentive funds will be prorated for lower student-faculty ratios.
  • Issues regarding travel that is not credit-related or that is unique will be resolved by the Vice President for International Affairs and the Provost.

Payment Options

  • The incentive payments may be paid directly to the full-time faculty member through the payroll process, or, at the election of the faculty member, may be deposited into a restricted account on campus for qualified academic use.
  • A Study Abroad Incentive Fund Application must be completed by each faculty member and submitted to the Study Abroad Office for approval prior to the trip departure date. Funds will be dispersed upon completion of the trip and the process. Funds may not awarded in advance.

Eligible Expenses and Use of the Funds

  • If deposited into a restricted account, the funds may be used for qualified academic purposes. Eligible expenses will include academic-related materials and activities including travel, books, software or hardware, research assistantships, mileage, entertainment of guest researchers, supplies, equipment, and any other reasonable expenses related to the faculty member’s international development program and work.


  • The Study Abroad Office will provide the Comptroller’s Office with the approved Study Abroad Incentive Fund Application for all faculty members who have completed their study abroad programs.
  • Incentives will NOT be processed until all business matters have been addressed by the Comptroller's Office. Business matters include, but, are not limited to, reconciled travel advances and outstanding balances, submitting all invoices to the Comptroller's Office, and/or copies of filed insurance claims (Travel Guard/CISI), if applicable.

  • Under the payroll option, payment will be made to the faculty member on his or her next regular paycheck and is subject to all applicable taxes.

  • Restricted funds will be available for each respective faculty member within 10 business days after receipt of the approved Study Abroad Incentive Fund Application.
  • Faculty members must inform their supervisory dean before promoting their course to students, complete all required UIW paperwork, and follow all procedures for taking a study abroad group out of the U.S in order to qualify for the incentive, including registration of the trip with the Study Abroad Office in advance of travel.
  • Purchases using restricted funds must be made following University procedures (i.e. travel, technology purchases, mileage, and receipt submission).
  • Should a faculty member leave the University, all unused restricted funds in his/her name will revert back to UIW. The faculty member will not be permitted to take any unspent funds at the point of termination.

Benefits of the Plan

  • The full-time faculty member’s account can accrue funds over unlimited semesters, thus providing very real and effective financial support for international travel and other activities not easily funded otherwise. Because purchases may be made by the faculty member from pre-tax dollars, the fund has the potential to reach about 30% more coverage than it would with after-tax dollars.

Budget Cycle Management and Payment Accrual

  • Restricted funds will be allocated, identified and designated by name for each respective faculty member.
  • The restricted fund is available for use by the eligible faculty member and rolls forward to future fiscal years. No time or amount limits are imposed.
  • Funds will remain in the restricted account until the funds are spent by the faculty member who earned the funds and for whom the funds are designated, or until the faculty member leaves the University.
  • The restricted account will be managed under the supervision of the Comptroller’s Office.
Faculty members will be sent quarterly statements to confirm the status of each person’s account.

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