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Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs, as defined by the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), are short-term (within a semester) academic based programs, which involve student's receiving academic credit for a course. The course includes a study abroad component or the professor may assign an alternate assignment equal to the value of the study abroad component, for those students who do not travel with the class. Courses which include a faculty-led study abroad component must be approved by the faculty's dean prior to offering the course.

Faculty-led study abroad programs may encompass different details, locations, and academic objectives; however, all faculty are required to visit with their dean and obtain approval prior to creating and offering the course. In addition, a personal visit with an Int'l Affair's representative and/or the Study Abroad Office helps ensure that the faculty obtain the updated requirements and/or information before promoting the program to students and the UIW community. An Int'l Affair's representative and/or the Study Abroad Office will provide further details regarding the additional steps required. These two important preliminary steps will help ensure the successful implementation of a faculty-led study abroad program.


Full time faculty who are in good standing at UIW are eligible to submit their proposal to their supervisory dean.  The supervisory dean, in collaboration with the International Affairs Office, reserve the right to postpone, implement adjustments to the proposal/itinerary, and/or deny a faculty's request to implement a faculty-led program. 

Part-time faculty who have been employed by UIW no less than one consecutive academic year, are in good standing at UIW, and are accompanied by a UIW full-time faculty are eligible to submit a proposal to their supervisory dean.  Part-time faculty shall adhere to the same rules and protocol.

Planning Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

Refer to the webpage titled "Planning Faculty-led Study Abroad" to review the recommended activities and tasks for planning these endeavors.  For additional information and counsel, please visit with the Study Abroad Coordinator,  Ms. Alanna Taylor, to discuss your future faculty-led program(s).  It is highly recommended to start planning your program at least one academic year prior to your intended departure date.

UIW Travel Policy

Refer to the webpage titled "UIW Travel Policy" to review the travel policy regarding UIW faculty-led study abroad programs.

Forms for Faculty-led Study Abroad

Refer to the webpage titled "Forms for Faculty-led Study Abroad" to obtain the forms required to be submitted to the UIW supervisory dean and/or the International Affairs Office.

Financial Support and Incentives

Full time faculty, who meet the financial incentive requirements, are eligible to receive UIW financial incentives and/or grants. Refer to the webpages titled Study Abroad Incentive Form and Study Abroad Grant to obtain the details.  Part time faculty, who are collaborating with a full time faculty member, are not eligible to directly receive financial incentives; however, the accompanying full time faculty is allowed to disperse any awarded incentives at their own discretion.

Refund Policy

Effective immediately, all unused funds shall be refunded back to the students as soon as the trip expenses have been reviewed and finalized by the UIW Comptroller's Office and supervisory dean.