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Society of Success and Leadership Requirements


Society of Success and Leadership Requirements

National Website:

How to earn your Leadership Certification: The Society of Success and Leadership is a national organization dedicated to building student leaders. Students are able to receive a Leadership Certificate by completing the following requirements:

1) Sign up online with the Student Membership Application or by mailing in the Paper Form (includes payment of $65 national dues).

2) Attend three national broadcasts/videos which can be viewed during a live satellite feed, meeting viewing, or individually. Members are allowed to check out the video for 2 hours at a time from the Student Center Information Desk.

3) Attend three Success Network Team (SNT) meetings. A SNT is a group of people who come together to share goals, network, receive and give advice to one another, and commit to actions towards achieving desired results. SNT are held on the main UIW campus and at the some of the ADCaP campuses. Members must complete the SNT write-up by loggin in to the national website.

4) Attend the Leadership Training Day (4 hours) which occurs 2-3 times per semester.

5) Upon completion of membership requirements, the certificate, membership pin, t-shirt, and other membership items will be mailed to the UIW chapter advisor.

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